poll What Determines the Best Domain Name?

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Choose the Main factor, When you see a Domain Name, to consider it, as Best. Can choose any Two

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.
  • Domain Length - Both Characters and Words

  • TLDs like .com, .net .etc.

  • Domain Valuation like estibot

  • KeyWords

  • Cost Per Click spent on Keywords

  • Keyword Competition

  • Search Engine Result for Keyword (Number of results shown for a searched keyword)

  • Domain Age (Whois history data or Archive data)

  • Trend on Keyword (Google Trends)

  • Pronounciation and Spelling

  • Sales History related to given keywords

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.

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hello friends

There are many factors that determines the Best Domain Name. On your point of view, Which Factor, will You Notice First? Choose from the Poll below.
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1. Brandability
2. Length
3. Number of words
4. Rhyming
5. Meaning and Marketing...value of the name
1. Keywords
2. TLDs
3. Search Engine Results
4. Sales History for related Keywords
5. Age
6. Length
The amount of money a potential user will pay. :)
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