What are your '.best' domain names?

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    Hi Guys,

    We are going to make some deals recognize by namebios in the next days so please again just a little of patience in your comments. Both pros vs cons I would say ;)

    We are also working to give access to our buyers to the community in a way that can also benefit to the community. I mean understand the spirit of a .best end-user.

    Meanwhile, in the timeframe, we want also as a gesture of goodwill to release some good names in exclusivity for NP's as first information.

    So please find belows a list of city names that we recently released :

    My preferred one is I just released it for $1.99 at Dynadot.

    Take care : some names of the list are premiums like : due to the strong potential of the city. and are also premium names but with a strong potential too.

    For my friends from India : should be a must at $1.99

    Here is the full list that we released :

    Wish you all the .Best for your trade.

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    Wowww. (So valuable) is for me :-P I am from Bombay (Mumbai) bdw ;)
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