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    Moral: Visit the domain that you are buying first.

    Here is a recent sale for $400. Not much money, but it is a completed sale. Domain name is *****, which is a geographic (state) domain name. It was a handreg, 13 months old at the end of the sale. Sorry, but I do not give the domain name... just other useful info on it.

    11/27/2017 - Received an offer of $200 from DomainAgents (email) via the DomainAgents negotiation platform.

    11/27/2017 - I simply declined the offer.

    12/1/2017 - I made a counter offer of $600.

    Note: This whole time, the domain was available for sale for $300 on Epik...if the buyer simply would have visited the domain, they would have seen it. I was hoping they would visit it and simply buy it immediately.

    12/8/2017 - Buyer counter-offered with $400 and he even made a comment that it was a reasonable offer.

    12/8/2017 - I accepted the offer and removed it from being for sale on Epik.

    I immediately ensured my info was correct.

    DomainAgents tried to contact buyer several times over the next few weeks. No answer by them.

    1/19/2018 - Buyer told DomainAgents that he opened an account, but has not initiated funds yet. DomainAgents are trying to get him to finish the transaction.

    1/31/2018 - Buyer has put funds in escrow. I immediately gave him the transfer code for the domain.

    2/2018 - Nothing. (I believe I also tried contacting the buyer to see if there was a problem.)

    3/2018 - Nothing.

    4/9/2018 - Buyer finally initiated transfer. I approved domain transfer quickly. The buyer did not notify escrow. DomainAgents tried contacting the buyer.

    4/22/2018 - Buyer completed purchase through escrow.

    12/9/2017-4/22/2018 from agreement to payment. 😞 The domain is still pointing to my main website. I have been paid. It took over 5 months to complete a domain sale from agreement to payment. Had the buyer visited the domain, they would have gotten the domain cheaper and immediately (and I would have been paid immediately).

    Moral of this story: visit a domain before you buy.
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    Also, check the domain at all domain marketplaces + MLS-enabled registrars.
    The domain name may be listed across multiple marketplaces but at different prices :) Choose the one that is the most favorable :)
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    Great advice, indeed.
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  5. creataweb

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    Lesson here: Close the sale thru Epik and nothing else to worry about ;)
  6. Tank

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    Why not just direct the buyer to the epik listing?

    Congrats on the sale!
  7. CJ6

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    The domain was. The buyer never went there (that I know of). That's the moral of this story. Visit the domain you are buying. It may save money.
    Since he was going through DomainAgents, they would have not given him that info because it would have been a loss of a sale.
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