Using .COM.CN vs .CN Prices to Project .CO.IN and .IN Price Relationship

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    The ongoing debate of vs .in started ever since both were available for registration on Feb 16, 2005. My view has been its not one or the other but the relative valuation of the two extensions. As someone who is invested in both, I do have a vested interest in projecting the valuations of particularly keyword based domains for both .in and Many major brands including Google uses and over the last 12 years, millions of typeins later, you can bet is an integral part of Indian internet user behavior. Meanwhile .in is more convenient and makes sense for startups and others who like shorter versions. Having said this, I don't believe the relationship between the 2 extensions is similar to .com and .net, its not even close. .net is way behind for business websites in comparison to .com and that cannot be said for The only other existing comparison that I could find was vs cn, since was introduced ahead of .cn , similar to and .in. That got me to look at past sales history using Namebio since there aren't many comparable .in and sales in the past.

    Note: This comparison is for keyword domains only and those with comparable sales in the last several years. Other short domains 3L, 3N etc are more active in .cn.

    From these sales comparisons, one can conclude the valuations are identical for keyword domains when they were bought from Sedo and around the same time frame. Only outlier (which is big) was vs which were sold about 3 years apart and sold at different venues.

    Will .in and follow a similar trend in India or will there be substantial price differences for keyword domains, remains to be seen.

    Hoping this data gives rise to more meaningful discussions in this area . As we get more sales data in both extensions, we will begin to see a trend. Particularly when companies will have to acquire both (in my opinion) to prevent typein or traffic leaks.

    For other categories such as 3Ls or 3Ns, this data may not provide much guidance.
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