Use a Blockchain Domain Name Instead of a Crypto Wallet Address

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  1. Jason Franklin

    Jason Franklin Established Member

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    I registered a .crypto blockchain domain name from Unstoppable Domains and am looking forward to receiving crypto payments there. I also plan to work on developing a decentralized website on my new blockchain domain name in the future. The price was a one time fee of $40 for JasonFranklin.crypto, and I like the ideology behind it. My article about the blockchain domain names is below. Let me know your thoughts on blockchain domain names and the decentralized internet or as some might call it Web 3.0.

    Use a Blockchain Domain Name Instead of a Crypto Wallet Address.
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  2. Michael Ehrhardt

    Michael Ehrhardt Restricted (15-30%)

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  3. Karluch

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    The web 3.0 was being developed by several projects only to be abandoned. Mainframe was the latest to give up. Now they are focusing on the Defi area like most other main projects. You do of course have the projects like the Brave browser but besides that I am unaware of any others. If you care to share the name of another decentralized project I would appreciate it very much. I have been involved in the blockchain space for over 4 years now and always like to hear updates.
    Thanking you in advance.
  4. sharfab

    sharfab Established Member

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  5. otismo

    otismo Established Member

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    blockchain hackable by quantum computing so all crypto worthless -

    except those that have Quantum Encryption

    "e" oin

    ( e look like cent symbol so you see "cents" ).
  6. garptrader

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    I have used a couple of .ZIL domains to facilitate wallet to wallet transfers and have now moved all my .Crypto domains into the Trust Wallet. For now these domains are a novelty and I would NOT anticipate a meaningful aftermarket for them. However, I believe it is a good idea to educate oneself about a technology wave that has been compared to the internet of twenty plus years ago. Imagine someone today who does NOT know how to use email or do a Google search or buy something from Amazon or upload a photo to Facebook or book travel online or look for videos related to their travel destination on Youtube.
  7. Internet.Domains

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    I am a big proponent of the Decentralized Web. The largest misconception is that some feel that if you like, love, or support the Decentralized Web that you are against DNS. That's not true.

    Both the Decentralized Web and DNS have unique attributes and can exist concurrently. They each have unique and separate attributes. At some point browsers will, behind the scenes, direct you to one or the other, seamlessly, in the background.
  8. RJ

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    True, quantum computing is going to change the game when it comes to mining Bitcoin. However, there is a 21 million coin cap, so even if we hit the 21 million coin mark sooner because of quantum computing, the built-in scarcity should keep the currency from becoming worthless.
  9. otismo

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    domains are unique, one-of-a-kind;

    kernels of corn are scarce, relative to grains of sand...

    gold will do the job, but the government can make gold ownership illegal, like lasttime;

    so the game is afoot : find the superior, ultimate asset class - perpetual registration ala Epik is a big help

    for domains, but what about the guy who wants to sell his 400 name dotcom portfolio - not like selling a

    block of stock, is it ?

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