infographics US Census Data Allow One To Study Monthly Business Starts by Sector

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In this week's NamePros Blog post Why Is That Domain Name Not Selling? I point out the importance of the rate of startups in a sector, as opposed to simply the total number of businesses.

I just posted to NameTalent an article What are Business Startup Rates in Different Sectors?

The data are derived from US Census Data Visualization for the seasonally adjusted monthly rates of new business applications. You can find the US Census Monthly Rate visualization tool here.

At the start of the pandemic, the rate of business starts was way down, but only briefly, and then it shot up to monthly numbers never seen before, or since. But the interesting thing is that the pattern is very different across different sectors. The article looks at the data for a few different sectors, and here is one more that I did not include for healthcare. You can see that while there is a drop-off from the peak, we are still well above the long term trend line. Data and graph from US Census Monthly Rate tool.


Check out the article to see how this compares with other sectors like Retail Trade and Finance + Insurance.

Thanks for reading.

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