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  1. Jv1999

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    Hi everyone!

    I decided to make this thread because there's so much confusion about Undeveloped.com! Lots of FUD, some FOMO. I have been using Undeveloped for awhile now, and I honestly don't appreciate the FUD they're getting when they're delivering one of the best domaining services I've ever experienced (besides Epik).

    I never write threads about stuff like this, but I've been really impressed with Undeveloped.com. They honestly deserve better publicity. So I'm here to throw my 2 cents.

    Please post your questions and other Undeveloped users can join and answer them! I'll try my best to answer some myself:

    Q: What are the commission %s?


    It's 5% if you import your own lead. If someone emails you or whatever and gives you a number, you can import that as a negotiating lead. If you and a buyer have been discussing via email or whatever and you agree to a price, then you can import that lead as a transaction (agreement reached) lead. In both circumstances, Undeveloped still only takes 5%!

    5% is already a great commission, but it comes with so much more... I've had buyers who did not pay, and Undeveloped will email and even call them to remind them to pay! If negotiations go sour, they'll also step in to help the buyer accept or make a counter offer... but despite all that, they still only take 5%.

    In fact, I've had one instance last week where a buyer actually became hostile and threatened to cancel payment. But Laszlo stepped up and calmed him down after multiple hangups and whatnot... It was truly amazing.

    So some people have been FUD'ing saying that most people don't even know what Undeveloped is taking from your payout... it's not true. It's either 5% or 9%.

    When is it 9%? It's when someone clicks the BIN or makes an offer through Undeveloped. Basically, it's when you make a sale through Undeveloped but don't use the “Import lead” (Add a new lead) function.

    Q: Are there any payout hidden fees.

    A: I've so far undergone 5 transactions with Undeveloped. I've only done Paypal payout. In all those 5 sails, I've never ever been charged some kind of business fee (from PayPal) or tax or whatever. They use Mass Payments for PayPal so I get the payout minus Undeveloped's stated commission.

    That means, if you use PayPal, you'll get exactly what you calculated the payout would be minus Undeveloped's 5 or 9%.

    That's actually awesome because if you sold directly to a buyer, they'll most likely use the “pay for goods and services” option.. and then PayPal charges you 3%. . .

    Q: How fast is Undeveloped's payout?


    This is what's so amazing...! Every other marketplace f*s u over with a week – month wait. Undeveloped pays you out that same day! With all my 5 transactions, I've been paid out less than 24 hours. As soon as you push or transfer the domain to Undeveloped's escrow registrar account, they'll release funds to you even if the buyer hasn't received the domain in their account yet.

    My last transaction, the payout wait was less than 30 minutes after they confirmed the domain was in their escrow account!

    Q: How responsive is their customer support?

    A: From my very first email to their support.. Undeveloped responds within 2 or 3 hours! But, since they live in the Netherlands, once it's way past sane business hours, they won't respond until the next day.

    IT DOESN'T MATTER if it's week or weekend, they're always so fast! Just like their payout, they're quick to reply in the most courteous manner too! I mean, I've had my own car insurance reply to my emails with crappy stoic messages... but Undeveloped always seems to have a smile in their messages. And they're very competent too. If you ask about something, they won't give you some blank reply that makes you roll your eyes. They do the case research, and reply in detail... it's truly amazing...

    But despite living in the Netherlands, Undeveloped actually tries to compensate for the U.S. timezone and I've caught them replying really fast even when it's already 7 pm their time... I felt bad, but I was also so impressed.

    In fact, that buyer last week.. I just sent an early morning email asking if they could call the buyer, and within 10 minutes, Laszlo replied saying he'd call the buyer right now. And then he did! Where can you find an escrow company that does that lol :D.

    I've never seen a company that's that energetic and like actually competent about the people they accommodate.

    Q: How does Undeveloped work with buyers?


    As I've said, they send payment reminders (automated email), but if you request, they'll actually call buyers about payments. Even when the buyer is disgruntled or something, they'll actually painstakingly try to walk them through receiving the domain or proceeding with the transaction. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

    Q: What's the downside?


    Well, I guess one wrinkle is that they do boast that offers and BIN's are legally binding on both sides... but if a buyer doesn't pay (had this happen) or finds a way to cancel payment, ultimately, Undeveloped will simply tell you that their purchase / offer was / is legally binding and give you their contact information... and I guess it's up to you to seek legal action. But after they hand the buyer's info off to you, that's pretty much it on their end. Which is fine, I mean, what else should they do? I'm not sure it's practical for them to file a suit in court for you at that point...

    Ok so those are the only questions I can think of. Feel free to post some. I'll try to answer if I know the answer ^_^.

    tl;dr: It's only 5% and you get such an excellent service that includes escrow and brokerage services. No hidden fees or anything.
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  2. Kennyraban

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    Great and informative stuff.
    I have just listed my domains there but yet to get an order.
    Eagerly awaiting my very first order.

    What do you think of those daily views?
    Are they real or bots?
  3. Jv1999

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    If you've ever used a parking company, then it's pretty much the same. It's not Undeveloped's doing (or maybe their in-house search accounts for the views?). I get views and clicks from Bodis, so I'm sure they're not all bots.

    Most of my Undeveloped domains have 0 views or very few views.. then there are some handreggae that get like 30 views from the first day!

    Since there are no click stats (at least that I know of), I'm not sure if they're bots or not.. but they're too few overall to be bots imho.
  4. biggie

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  5. Pierre Barnard

    Pierre Barnard Active Member VIP

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    I have to agree @Jv1999. I sold a few names through Undeveloped and currently have most of my domains listed there. Similarly, I have also tried Sedo, Afternic, Uniregistry, etc...

    For my purposes, Undeveloped works best. Great features, Great customer service. Professional.

    If I had one suggestion, I would like a "Customer Comments" area on the landing page where the potential buyer can send me a message even before making an offer. That would be great.

    Sometimes, potential buyers would like to "talk" to the seller before filling in an offer or blindly buying a domain, especially from a marketplace they are not familiar with.

    My 2c.
  6. nicedomains

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    Oh wow, thanks for reminding about this.
  7. carob

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    Is VAT charged on the Undeveloped commission?

    (for comparison, at Sedo you do pay VAT on Sedo's commission.)
  8. Jv1999

    Jv1999 New Adventures: Squire of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    I think you're right. There's no contact button to speak to Undev or message the seller anonymously. I believe this is intentional on their part to prevent spam.

    You either want a domain or you don't. So it weeds out the wishy-washy buyers too to not waste time on both the seller and Undev's part.

    And if a buyer really wants the domain and really wants to talk to someone first... they'll find a way to contact Undeveloped lol. There's the "See our reviews" link up top that they'll see... and the large Undev logo... If they want to talk, they'll find a way lol.
  9. carob

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    Q: can you set varying maximum number of instalments for domains sold on instalments?

    A: Not exactly. You can set a global maximum payment period, for example 12 or 24 monthly payments, and that applies to ALL domains at https://undeveloped.com/users/settings/for_sale
    But the customer can choose the number of payments to make, up to your selected maximum:
    https://undeveloped.com/help/buyer-guide doesn't telly you that yet - you only get this message if you click on the link to find out more about paying in instalments on the landing page of a domain that is available to buy in instalments:

    Question: presumably buyer can pay the balance off early if they want?
  10. golan

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    Thank you, great initiative, and well deserved words about the best marketplace!

    It's just... Reading your font, makes my eyes bleeding......... Especially this long text.

    And back to the topic, Undev are amazing. Just recently transferred all my parkings to them, from Sedo and Parkingcrew.

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