NameSilo, I own this domain name, Is this a trademark infringement?

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Haroon Basha

Service.xyzTop Member
I own the following name
Twitterati means "keen or frequent users of the social media website Twitter", for example:"no celebrity member of the Twitterati seems to have caused as much of a splash as has Stephen Fry"
I am concern that I may be slapped a notice for trademark infringement from Twitter.
Please advice.
Thank you very much.
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Just change the name if you're affraid...
well, somehow you managed to fit two TMs in there: Twitter + ATI (AMD graphics cards) :-D

on a more serious note; I believe it depends on what you plan to do with it. If you don't try to earn money via that brand then you'll be ok I think.

As a reminder: I'm not a lawyer and that's only my opinion
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