Top level domains might have different perfomance, according to a CDN service benchmarks

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  1. Don Gondon

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    As a CDN we're constantly trying to squeeze every last millisecond of load time. We recently had a user come to us with a list of performance tests on their site, reporting DNS responses often taking over 150 ms.

    After a couple of checks, it turned out that the problem actually lied with the .xyz top-level domain itself which took over 100 ms just to resolve the nameserver data for their domain.

    Full article (BunnyCDN)
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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    Very interesting study. Thanks for sharing.

    So essentially are those served by same backend the same? Like com and net are essentially identical and it seemed to me the Radix administered ones like .site, .online, .tech, .pw etc. are also the same. Did you look at .dev and .page? Would be interested to see if they are identical to .app since same back end.

    Did you include .ca in the study?

    Thanks again for a topic I have not seen studied before.

  3. Don Gondon

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    That was a quote, kinda everyone posts like that in the news section – probably no point adding forum quotes. In the comments they say that .dev is probably the same as .app, since its the same registry, but no info on .ca. They use Disqus for comments so I think anyone can ask them there directly.

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