To self lander or to not self lander..

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    Hey guys, I am looking to start focusing on selling some domains I own and have been planning on doing landers on them.
    I have professional web design experience and what not, but not sure if going the self lander route or using a company to do it. I know there is pros and cons of each, but what would you do? Has anybody had any great success using a company or doing it themselves? Any feedback is really appreciated.

    Thank you
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  2. NYJimbo

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    If you think the domain is really worth a lot then self lander might be best, but then you should know about escrow and payment options, as you will likely do them on your own.

    But if its a non-liquid domains, then go with pre-made landers on the well known sales platforms, you usually end up using their payment systems and/or escrow services so its easier.

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