the value of the domain name when it has the same words reversed with another domain name

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    It would be good to have placements especially for beginners about how it is affected and what percentage the value of a domain if there is another domain with inversely (or reversed) placed 2 or more terms at a low average and high demand on search engines. how the value of the domain or site is affected.I guess when there is a lot of popularity in general terms and it is not a registered organization or company there is no big problem aka "makertstock" / "stockmarket" or freegames /gamesfree. Usually this is not seen by calculators and gives relatively high values if the size of the name does not increase.
    Is it futile we try in variants of reverse placement of successful websites or popular words and in what subjects does it affect most?
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    I think this is very, very tricky and the best answer I can give is: it depends.

    For example, "marketstock" does not make sense when thinking about the 'stock market' but "gamesfree" might be better brandable and more natural because you can get basically the same meaning reversed there.

    I suppose a good rule of thumb is: if the reverse changes the meaning completely then it's probably not a good 'reverse domain'.
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    I can't comment on domain value as "price" is very relative. In terms of SEO, they are almost identical if their age (registration date) is same. Otherwise the oldest domain usually wins. Search "games free" and "free games". You will see all of them are aged domains and the first search result page shows the same sites for both of the keywords. They are showed on the first page for both of the searched keywords mostly because of domain age.
    freegames registered in 1996-07, games free registered in 1998-12. So "freegames" dot com ranks better.
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