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This is serious

Show That Traffic, Traffic Domains, and Typo Domain Names ForSale! and B.I.N.'s only todays (thread op)

I'd like this thread if it could to avoid suspicions of WIPO or malintent for what is trademarked in Indonesia might not be applicable USPTO elsewhere, National.


..I need a place to show my traffic domains and the dilemna also to improve ourselves:

My name is Dennis Zabala (NP 2006). I was a late 90s domainer, still here relatively struggling still to make ends meet. I used to buy/sell .com generics and brandables but those modest sales, applied to my financial planning freedom, were only domain sales one-and-done !

Several years ago got into handregging wwwnames trafic typos international then voila everyday traffic for yesterdays' work tomorrow(s)

my respect domain king's greatest fascination seems to be with his uniques. #1 was/is what resolves traffic type-ins today. Those early birds in our field used to park, ppc, then re-invest into domains and also into their life others.

This is a milestone I am currently in. No full-time domaining because we have alternatives to put gains from here into (I'd like to flip domain digital assets into nft nbatopshot for example) with patience; = "Just don't sell your __ for the low price" (dream quote)


the well runs dry selling out..

Ive pulled my traffic domains from afternic selling to take a step back from robbing myself and hope to discuss here traffic domains' implications as I point them to this thread..

An advance, thank you iou note, for from here helping me out

For namepros I believe it's the #1 domain portfolio in the world secret value yet to be unlocked ...

combine 50!

dreamt ex. my "is worth millions" why would this be so? Let's Share:
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