opinion Nominated: #1 Domain Portfolio Award to Whom ??

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I've been buying .coms since January 1999
started it all here with NamePros since 2006..

who really has the #1 domain portfolio? used to think it was domainking fr early frontrunners' parking, but recent dreams could it be me?? I could have more, if not the most traffic in the world by far for any single individual !

for example
had dreamt earlier that just one, of my 40 www typos, wwwcsdn .net "is worth millions"

for those who don't know, traffic is by itself an asset class unlike money whereby you could receive all of tomorrow(s) each and everydays for yesterday's work

i like to write to inspire and pave the way for others. Past 25 years or so recently got into international typo domains' combined portfolio traffic instead of no traffic overbought brandables whose sails are one and done!

-Dennis Zabala
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transferring to godaddy now cause phone support trustworthy opponent..

bought $60 --> $x,xxx,xxx

folks im domainer since january 1999, traffic domains only, aftermarket steals now! not brandables wait 20 years one and done sales its traffic typos everydays tons Combine 50!!!

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How much typo traffic are you getting with 40 domains?