The Richest Man in China Talks about the Most Promising Industry in the Next Decade

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    Wang Jianlin, who held the first place in the Forbes List of Billionaires in 2015, talked about the most promising industries in China in the next decade in an interview and shared his opinion about the industries that will grow rapidly in the coming 10 years.

    The entertainment industry shall lead the growth. The GDP growth rate in China is around 7% these years, but the growth in the entertainment industry was around 40% annually in the pasting 6 years, and has even reached 50% in 2015. The entertainment industry would be the most promising industry in the future.

    The sport industry also has great potential in the future. At present, the revenue of sport industry is merely about 20-30 billion in China. Compared to that in America, the sport industry in China still has a huge growth space. With the prevalence of healthy lifestyle, there are an increasing number of people joining in the physical training. The sport industry is absolutely the future star. If you have a good knowledge in sports marketing, sports economy or sports media, congratulations, you are a rare bird for many companies.

    The tourism industry will also be a hot spot in China, especially the O2O tourism, which combined the online channel with the offline resource together through the power of internet.

    Want to know what does that to do with domain names? Of course that is to say domain names related to the 3 industries would be the right target for investigation. Here is a glossary for you:

    A. Entertainment Industry

    Entertainment 娱乐 YuLe
    Film and Moive 电影 DianYing
    影视 Yingshi
    Game 游戏 YouXi
    Animation 动漫/动画 DongMan/DongHua
    Music 音乐 YinYue

    B. Sport Industry

    Sport 体育,运动 TiYu, YunDong
    Soccer/ Football足球 ZuQiu
    Basketball 篮球 LanQiu
    Tennis 网球 WangQiu
    Body Building 健身 JianShen
    Gym 健身房 JianShenFang

    C. Tourism Industry

    Tourism 旅游 LvYou
    Ticket 票务 PiaoWu
    Booking 订票/预订 DingPiao/YuDing
    Air 航空 HangKong
    Train 火车 HuoChe
    Accommodation 住宿 ZhuSu
    Hotel 宾馆/酒店 BingGuan/JiuDian
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