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The domain market is still a gold mine!

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    Well-known domain investor Michael Castello said the following words in 2006, "The domain name market is still a gold mine! Get a second mortgage, sell the family jewelry! If you can find a premium name that relates to your business for less than $100,000, buy it! With an hour’s work a day you could have an imprint on that market in two years. Be the master of your own universe. How many within your family tree could have said that? They will be talking about you in future generations. What is that worth?"

    I think it's still true today. Many domains are still priced at less than $1 million today. If you can have sales turnover of billions of dollars at a super store which can be visited by consumers from the entire world 24/7, investing $1 million to acquire a premium address is no brainer. Domains are digital real-estate!

    What other avenue can you invest $10 and turn that $10 into $x,xxx.

    Remember to domain smart! Not every domain is valuable. Spend the time to do your research before investing.
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