The Domain Game Has Arrived on Android!

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    Five months ago we launched The Domain Game in the Apple App Store. Since then more than 500 players have joined in the fun, and we have served up nearly 350,000 questions. Today we are thrilled to announce the game is live on the Google Play store for both phones and tablets!


    What the heck took so long?!
    Interest in the game has far exceeded my expectations, but it was still a tough decision to bring the game to Android. I originally created the game as an excuse to learn iOS development, and it was something that I wanted to play myself.

    I didn’t expect many other people to be interested, but since launching we received a constant stream of requests for an Android version. Given that it is a free game with no advertisements and targets a very niche industry, we needed to give it careful consideration before spending the thousands of dollars it would take to re-create it.

    I’m sorry that it has taken so long, but the wait is finally over! Android users will have to play a little harder to catch up on the leaderboard, but if you play well I think you can still make the Top 10 within a week.

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