Taglines Should Be Registered First

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    Could you imagine if forwarded to Addidas? Similarly, it appears to have happened with a new ad campaign featuring a new tagline that is registered to an adversary. Oops!


    "The new Purplebricks tagline ‘Totally Sold’ launched yesterday to much fanfare and featured prominently within its new TV advert as a replacement for its ‘Save Yourself from Commisery’ tagline hasn’t quite gone to plan.

    The hybrid agency would appear not to have checked who owns the website before launching the tagline which, it transpires, belongs to former online adversary Russell Quirk.

    He says that he bought the domain name in 2013 and at the same time applied for the trademark to the phrase.

    At the time the website was one of several online businesses that the former eMoov CEO had planned to launch, but later shelved.

    “It’s surprising that Purplebricks didn’t check before launching an expensive ad campaign,” he told The Negotiator.

    [​IMG]Quirk (pictured, left) says he hasn’t contacted Purplebricks yet but has ensured that any online traffic that finds its way via Google to now redirects to his PR business Properganda’s website.

    The new Purplebricks tagline is designed to reflect a shift in strategy at the hybrid agency, which hopes to persuade more vendors to use it as a ‘full service’ agency rather than only using its pared-down, flat-fee only service.

    In its most recent results published last month, the company said that it had seen a 6% increase in average revenue per instruction and that the sort of ancillary products and services its new tagline refers to now accounted for 44% of its UK turnover."
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    that is why you check all the information and then doublecheck before launching! one unlucky mistake!
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    Many people don't know much about domains and how it works. It's all depends on their IT dept Manager. How good and proactive he/she is.

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