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How to manage your notifications

Receive alerts for content on NamePros
  1. Enable: Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply
  2. At the top of each forum, the Watch Forum option will generate a new alert/email every time a new thread/message is posted in that particular forum.
  3. At the top of each thread, the Watch Thread option will only generate a new alert/email for the first new message and it won't send another alert/email until you've viewed the thread. Therefore, all posts in-between the first new post and the time you view the thread will not generate an alert/email. However, it will if you use the Watch Forum feature with the "New Messages" setting.

Unsubscribing from email notifications

There are many different services and events that you could have subscribed to on NamePros, and you can control each one from the following pages:
  1. Contact Details » Messaging Preferences
  2. Browsing Preferences » Options » and receive email notifications of replies
  3. Watched content will display the text "Email" on the line if you're subscribed to email notifications. To unsubscribe, place a check mark on the line(s) with the "Email" text, scroll to the bottom, select "Disable email notification" from the "With selected" drop-down list, then press the "Go" button.
    The following pages are types of watched content:
If you are still receiving email notifications after you have updated your settings at the pages above, then please forward the email that you received to NamePros Tech Support along with confirmation that you have already unsubscribed from those types of notifications. We will help you find the setting that was missed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Why do I sometimes not receive alerts when new posts have been posted to threads that I'm subscribed to ("watching")?
    • Answer: You'll only receive one alert from a watched thread until you view all new posts in that thread. If you haven't viewed all of the new posts in a thread since you received an alert, you won't receive any further alerts about the thread until you do.
    • Solution 1: Visit the last page of the content and scroll down to the last (newest) post. This will consider it "read" and you will be notified of new posts.
    • Solution 2: An easy way to get caught up on all unread posts is to click Mark All Read on the home page under the "Home" tab. This will cause notifications to begin coming in again.
    • Solution 3: You can also re-watch ("Unwatch" and then select "Watch" again) the content that you are not being notified about (not receiving alerts). Similar to Solution 2, this will notify you of anything new that is posted after you've clicked "Watch."
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