Sold! But under ICANN 60day lock. Any way out?

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    Hi fellas,
    I posted this on twitter
    "I regged a .com name @Dynadot and it sold @Afternic Few weeks on. I provided Auth code but couldn't get through ICANN 60 day lock. Transaction is still processing, and @Afternic Says buyer hasnt opted to take possession. Any suggestions? @NamePros #Domains @drewwash"

    Reply was
    "Push/transfer the domain to Afternic's holding account. Once they have it, your payment will be released. This happens only if customer has already paid but not taken possession. You can call Afternic or use the transfer interface to ask them for the holding account email and "

    I emailed afternic and they replied
    We have informed the buyer that the domain is currently under a 60 day lock and can not be transferred. We will inform you if we hear back from the buyer, otherwise we will continue with the transfer once the lock is lifted. Please hold the domain in your account until further notice. We will not be able to take possession of the domain until either the lock expires or the buyer chooses to take the domain at the current Registrar. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Your patience is appreciated"

    Please has anyone had similar experience and is there any reason afternic can't accept name in holding account just like Dan does.
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