question-answered SnapNames Account Terminated , What To Do Next?

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Shubham spawn

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I recently tried to make an $X,000 USD purchase using multiple credit cards because of their individual limits. I managed to load $X,000, but when I tried to add more, my account got suspended.

I've already reached out to Snapnames by email and phone, but since it's Saturday, I haven't gotten any response. I have a few pressing questions:

1. Should I wait until Monday to expect a reply, or is there something else I can do right now?

2. I planned to complete the payment today, but this issue has prevented me from doing so. Can you anyone tell me how long Snapnames typically allows for completing payments before taking any action?

3. Does anyone have direct contact with a manager or representative at Snapnames who I could talk to about my situation?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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