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Hello, I was looking to ask about back links and other stats like ACR etc because frankly I can’t find any help on it. I sold the most retarded domain ever with a stupid almost pointless niche meaning and the only thing I could think was it had a couple thousand backlinks. What gives? I ran it through a review site and everything said it was a poorly ranked domain. I saw had a high back link total so I thought I would use that to learn about what the hell this shit means. I see people talk about it all the time and say all this stuff, but I use all the sites I can find and nothing meaningful shows up at all. LE, DP ACR, mmgr, etc and I can’t figure out what they mean. I read how backlink count doesn’t matter that much but I can’t find anyway to check the “quality” that people reference. Literally could not find any explanations for any of the stats or what they mean nevertheless what makes that valuable. Like seriously only thing I saw was “oh learn your own thing” or “gotta keep our own strategy” when I’m like you don’t have a secret you are giving out. It’s just definitions and meanings like what the hell. No offense but I’ve read some of these posts and it’s all weirdos who obviously just complain and pretend to be all special. Like seriously where are the normal people that know what they’re talking about and have a normal business mindset… there is demand clearly for domains whoever is making up all this magical shit about it being to late or whatever you sound like a incel. Seriously what there is business everywhere and people undersell domains or drop them all the damn time. That’s just a fact not every company or person knows their domain is valuable and if you grab that and hand it to the right person they want it. Looking at domains like a godamn stock is stupid. It’s called buy low sell high and provide a service by bringing the sale to someone who wants it. Jesus Christ I feel like those posts should not be allowed here. And everyone commenting arguments when the whole post is just a massive baby who doesn’t understand real world business.
anyways I’m a fucking noob and I just want to learn, pls help :). Also what do you think about these domains:,, . I thought they were good and had some value based on demand. Thanks for your help :) and sorry that last post i saw coming here is like antithetical to this sites purpose. I feel like mods need to be here and they really need to start banning unfounded generic rage bait stuff. Idk I personally would think that would scare away anyone who would use this site in the future. If someone wants to fear monger or criticize or complain it should be based on real evidence and real market knowledge not guessing.
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Domainers are a unique sub-culture. As a person entering a new culture for the first time, my first advice would be to sit back, listen, observe, and study. What may seem unusual, weird, or bad to you may be from a lack of understanding on your part as someone foreign to the culture.

There is an enormous amount of information inside this forum and whole sections are dedicated to education and new entrants to the world of domains. With the right attitude, I have even seen domainers personally mentor new folks to try and keep them from wasting a lot of time or money pursuing paths that are not profitable.

To me, the number one question I ask when I am looking at domain names is "What kind of website could be built on this domain to make money or advance a cause?" Then I start looking at things like the size of the market involved, the average price of the product that could be sold, and how many existing businesses would be making an improvement if they had this domain versus the one they have.

There will always be outlier sales of junk domains that nobody can figure out. Don't try. The reality is that even among those who have a good feel for the business and above-average quality, the sell-through rate is only 1-2 percent per year.

There are a subset of domainers who focus on domains with high metrics such as backlinks, MOZ, DA, PA, etc., but most of those people really work more within the SEO culture and sell names there.

As far as the domains you have described, ,,, the only one I see with any potential is - It might make a nice home for a non-profit or other cause, but most likely not going to be something that gets a lot of attention. You would need to wait for that one unicorn that really loves it. Random 4-character .coms don't have any value unless those characters represent something. was a website for many years, but it went out of business. The only value would be if it still had some traffic to monetize, which is an entirely different sub-set of domaining.

You said you picked these up because of "demand". What source are you using to measure this demand?
Unfortunately help for new folk is in short supply but the forums have a lot to offer if you search them.

It is easy to think of ways to use a domain but that makes you a domain buyer.

To sell domains you need ways to get that domain in front of someone who wants the domain.

There are multiple ways to do this but not always successfully.

1. Buying domains that have high google searches - if the keywords are searched frequently you can try and get the domain on google and see if people find it organically and buy it from the parked sale sign.

2. Buying domains that already have SEO so have high trust flow (majestic) not DA (moz). DA is a complete waste of time but love by domainers as it's easy to find for free but TF is the only metric shown to be useful for SEO.

3. Buy domains because you know who would buy it eg you know about a topic that others don't and use that knowledge to find niche domains

4. Lots of luck

5. Short domains do better but only really for other domainers to buy. Most end users don't care.

I am sure there are more.
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