Should auction houses show reserve ranges?

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Should auction houses (such as Namejet and Flippa) show reserve ranges?

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  1. Bros

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    As we know Namejet shows reserve rangers while, for example, Godaddy does not. Do you think it is beneficial for sellers that auction house shows the reserve range (or even the exact reserve) to potential bidders?
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  2. jstenn13

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    I'm pretty much against showing reserve ranges and I wish NJ didn't do it. On great names I think it discourages people from bidding because they know there's no chance for them to win it. For example, orangejuice(.)com is a solid name and i'd probably bid on it but what's the point if the reserve range shows minimum $100k. Takes a lot of the excitement out of the auctions. Also, someone could bid $99,999 on the name just for fun because they know it won't meet the reserve, so what's the point in that. That's just dumb and not productive for anyone.

    Showing the exact reserve would kind of defeat the purpose of the reserve in my opinion or actually the auction in general. That'd basically be the same thing as a "taking offers over $x,xxx" listing. In my opinion a reserve is only supposed to be known by the seller and put there just in case the action doesn't get high enough for their liking. I actually think the auctions would be way more fun if there was no reserve or reserve range shown and also, of course, no shill bidding going on.
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