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Dear Namepros Community,

This is all about owning and launching your own NFT collections, Please spare your 2 minutes and read the full description if you got interested please send me a direct message to know the website URLs

<<<<<<<<Ready to Mint & Stake - No need to upload 10k NFT manually - It's all done for you>>>>>>>>>

A Project website + 10,000 NFT + Minting DAPP(Web3 App) + NFT Staking Engine + Token Staking Enging + ERC721 Smart Contract Deployment + ERC20 Token/Staking Smart Contract + Automatic Opensea Marketplace Listing + OpenSea Authority

You don’t need a single line of technical knowledge to handle this project, just make sure that you know how to handle the Metamask or Trustwallet.


Official Website: DM me

Opensea Marketplace Listing: DM me

Minting Engine: DM me

NFT Staking Engine: DM me

$Token Staking Engine: DM me

Verified Contract: DM me


About Website :

This is an ERC721 non-fungible token (NFT) based on the Polygon protocol on the Ethereum network. Each NFT is unique. Polygon(Matic) is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution that is used to lower the cost of gas. There are a total of 10,000 NFTs available for mint. The owner can either mint all 10,000 NFTs by paying small transaction gas fees and sell them on Opensea or charge a minting price and allow users to mint NFTs on the website.

How it Works:
  • Users will mint/buy NFT
  • Stake minted NFT to earn $Token utility token - Earn daily 15 $token per NFT.
  • Stake $token & earn 90% APY- Need Minimum 5000 $Token to stake
At the moment, we have minted 5 NFTs, it will be transferred to this project buyer. And the minimum staking value, APY percentage, and daily rewards are changeable, if you wish you can change the values in the future.

Unique NFT's Complete Project – We set the mint price at 30 MATIC per NFT(Owner can change the mint price).

We require only your public wallet address to transfer the Ownership.


Estimated Project Value :

We estimate that if all NFTs are minted at the lowest price of 30 MATIC per NFT, this project will generate at least $300,000 in minting profits.

Let's do the Math

10,000 NFT x 30 Matic x $1.3 per Matic = $390,000.

If you keep 2300 NFTs separate for Airdrop and Community Giveaway, you will still earn $300,000 from the remaining NFTs.

(We calculated only minting profit, the Opensea sales, and royalty profit will grow as per your plan)

The ability to sell all of your NFTs is entirely dependent on your marketing strategies; alternatively, you can hire skilled marketing freelancers.

Selling potential :

Unique collectibles - Selling potential $300,000 (BIN buyer)


About NFT Concept:

All our NFT Collectibles are unique in the Market and look very rich and elegant. You can write your own story or let it go as it is.

We have seen many collectibles being sold for millions of dollars. This time let us prove to them that NFTs have a better utility by not only forming amazing communities but also by giving huge returns and building products around them.


Multiple ways of Earning:

Royalties (Earn 10% Royalty) & Earn from Minting:

  • You will earn fees from users for minting NFT.
  • If you wish to mint for your own, you may do so for free (this is an exclusive option for owners). You may then sell it on Opensea at your desired price.
  • You can configure the Royalty fees on Opensea; if one of the users holding your NFT sells to another user, you will automatically receive the 10% Royalty into your wallet for each re-sale.


Minting has been activated; any MATIC earned will be transferred to the Project Buyer.

NFT Staking:

Staking has been activated; any NFT can be staked on the staking engine whereas users will earn a 15 $Token utility token every 24 hours.

Token Staking - $Token:

Staking has been activated; $Tokentoken can be staked if the user accumulates a minimum requirement of 5000 $Token and they can earn 90%APY. At first to accumulate $Token and user has to stake their NFT.

About our NFT's Project:

All unique NFT characters are owned by you(buyer) and ready to the mint for any users with the Metamask/Trustwallet app.


The NFT will be minted directly on this website; no need to manually upload each NFT to Opensea; once minted, the NFT will be automatically listed on the Opensea Marketplace Collection.

Considering purchase of this website buyer will get all rights on all NFT's Collectibles

Uniqueness: We claim that we do not sell previously sold NFTs to anyone, as we continue to preserve the uniqueness of each NFT in the NFT market.

To demonstrate, we deployed the smart contract and minted a few NFT on the polygon network; once a buyer purchases this website, the smart contract will be transferred to the buyer's Polygon Wallet Address.

Opensea supports Ethereum and Polygon networks, and we choose Polygon because it's almost 0 transaction fees.


I would NOT buy this project if (I strongly recommend considering the below points)

  • I am unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask.
  • I am unfamiliar with Metamask wallet (chrome plugin)
  • I have no knowledge about MATIC or Ethereum or NFT
  • I don't know how to add Polygon Network on Metamsk.
  • I don't know about how to operate MetaMask.
Buyer will receive:

  • Premium Domain .com Domain name.
  • Domain transfer to your specified account (for Namecheap account only)
  • Full Smart Contract ownership transfer to your Polygon Matic Address.
  • Opensea Collection Authority
  • Logo's - you will get Logo Raw file(PSD file)
  • Uploading all NFT Collectibles and Metadata files to your IPFS storage
  • Best-in-class support 1to 1 text support, I strive for 100% satisfaction.
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