Established ETHRank - The open source achievement system and API for every Ethereum address - 33 ETH in sales - $238K


About the business​

ETHRank is the open source achievement system and API for every Ethereum address.

With each new 6-month season, ETHRank features the top web3 projects utilizing an open source scoring and ranking system that anyone can use, without even connecting their wallet. In order to provide the most comprehensive and sybil-resistant API, each ETHRank season features over 80+ web3 projects from within the ecosystem.

The evolution of ETHRank

As an open source project, ETHRank often qualifies as a public good, making it eligible for donations and most grants in the web3 community. ETHRank is the recipient of several grants including Aave grants, Gitcoin Grants and Unstoppable Domains. ETHRank is one of the largest Gitcoin grant recipients, with thousands of donors showing their support for the project. The source code is public under the GNU GPL 3.0 public license. The intellectual property and associated branding is fully owned by the entity operating the project, Examp LLC.


ETHRank is founded by Dylan Butler (@blankey1337), who is currently Director of Engineering at MetaMask, and was previously Senior Manager of the Future Technology Group at Sony PlayStation. An NP veteran of 17 years 🖖, Dylan holds several patents in the transformative technology space, and is a licensed attorney in the state of California. I've been busy!

ETHRank has been monetized primarily through two channels: (1) NFT sales, and (2) web3 grants. ETHRank pioneered the "Dynamic Badge" NFT concept - NFTs which change daily based on your on-chain activity. Each new season, a new Dynamic Badge contract is created and new badge designs are issued, with some seasons having several designs that evolve based a users' on-chain score.
Users have claimed over 3100 of our NFTs, with sales exceeding 33 ETH in 2022.


ETHRank has also received the following grants/recognitions:
1) Aave grants
2) Gitcoin grants GR13-GR15
3) Unstoppable Domains Web3 Advisory Committee
4) Alchemy Certified Partner

Season 1 - 18,145 scores calculated (Jan 1 - June 31 2022)
Season 2 - 22,830 scores calculated (July 1 - December 31 2022)
Season 3 - 164,000 scores calculated (15 days left)

$25500 - net token sales
$30000 - grants/donations

$24531 - net token sales

Revenue Proof
For sales metrics, please view etherscan 1, etherscan 2, etherscan 3.
To see donations, view etherscan 4. "Internal Transactions" tab, as well as the Gitcoin page, although the estimate shown on that page is not accurate.

$2170 - COGS
$2885 - operating expenses

Asking Price

Reason for selling
The sole owner and developer is looking to spend their focus on their main job and other new projects.

Included in the sale
All assets and intellectual property will be transferred to new owner. New owner will be responsible for all costs associated with operating the project after the sale, including but not limited to: hosting, domain name renewals, and API subscriptions; none of which are expected to change dramatically post-sale. The domain, social media logins, private keys, Figma design assets and any related source code will be transferred to the new buyer upon close.

Season 4
Season 4 is fully developed and ready to launch on July 1, with lots of high quality content and 30+ new goals and achievements featured. If we can close the deal prior to July 1, all Season 4 NFT sales will be included in the deal. Owner is happy to assist with the rollout of Season 4 and any handover as needed.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments, post here or email dylan at examp dot com.


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