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    With all the scary stories of theft at registrars, I have been thinking about another potential vulnerability.

    Even though we can use 2FA at most registrars and email providers, this feature seems to be missing at the leading marketplaces such as Sedo, Afternic and Undeveloped.

    Suppose someone gains access to your account there and changes the price of one of your best listed domains to a much lower BIN price and then purchases it?

    This would be particularly scary if your domains are in Sedo's or Afternic's Fast Transfer programs, since the domain could move to another registrar instantly.

    If the perpetrator does not lower the price to something totally unrealistic, it might be difficult to get the domain back.

    So I think it is time for marketplaces to offer 2FA as well. What do you think? Am I being overly concerned?
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    Pretty simple, if the bankers and congress allows tracing of funds and have online goods like domain names protection services. We would know where the fund is sent to, and can report it openly and the bank would help.

    That way, if the thief can't clear the money, then they have to do something else. I propose that US laws protect buyers of digital goods by having funds traceable and reportable if it is stolen etc.,

    If you have 2 factors what if you phone is stolen? Password and phone lost???? Once money goes oversea you are done.
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    Yes, that is of course a problem as well ;)

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