sales Runna.com Founder Reveals Domain Name Negotiations

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Once you read and watch the video relating to the sale / purchase of Runna.com, what do you think of the co-founders approach and do you believe this is how the transaction went down?
First and foremost runna.com isn't that valuable, and was bought for $122 just ten years ago. So it wasn't held by the same guy since 2003 (when it was registered) like implied.


According to Web Archive, it was for sale in December, 2021, and in use by the current company in June, 2022.

But more importantly, the worst thing that you can do as a buyer is telling the seller that you're committed to a brand, because you're telling them that need the .com. You may not buy it now...but in one year, maybe two years, you'll be back with wallet in hand.

But this was a Chinese seller, so it could've been the case that he was confused and freaked out by the prospects of an UDPR or legal action from the documentation provided by the lawyers.

But £5,000 was over $6,100 throughout June 2022. So that's a 5 times return-of-investment over 8 years. So the seller wasn't completely shafted.
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I'd be lying if I said I like the name
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