Rob Monster and previous EPIK management took my money

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Hello all,

I see everyone is more than aware of the debacle of @epik under @Rob Monster management.

Unfortunately to me, at the time I was dealing with health issues and most of his misdemeanors went by me until I started trying to get the account straight.

In short, I sold a domain name under Finance/Lease terms for 5 years.
The payments have been made by buyer to Epik and credited on my Masterbucks account.
The Epik's commission for this deal were also paid in full by the buyer in one installment for ease of setting up the deal.

All was well until the payments started being debited AGAIN for Epik's commission around March 2023. There was also a missing installment for February 2023

I started reaching Epik's support while the debacle was happening without my knowledge.

Long story short, the new management of @epik has been great and went an extra mile to track this mess and agreed to keep the lease agreement running without asking me for any commissions. So they have inherit this deal and are having the processing overhead with no gain whatsoever.

In the meantime I started trying to reach the previous management thru Masterbucks email support. They went silent. For months there has been no answer to my requests. Funny enough, I reached them with a disposable email account proposing a brokerage deal and they immediately replied.

In summary, @Rob Monster owes me:

* $10.50 USD that were removed incorrectly from each payment since March 2023 to May 2023, corresponding to the 9% Epik's commission that had already been paid in full by the buyer to Epik.

* One installment that was not been credit: February 2023, Amount: $116.47

* Masterbucks balance of $202.71

Grand Total: $350,58

That's the amount for which @Rob Monster and his team are trashing their reputation even further.

Anyone with a similar experience and suggestion on what to do next?

Thank you.
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Someone told me that Rob Monster is living in Bahama with all the money that he stole from his clients.
I'm still down $xx,xxx.

Bahamas huh? I need a little sun...
yeah, but legal action for this amount... and that's how these crooks make their living. when they get busted either they don't have any money in their name or there's a lot of people at small loss that doesn't merit going for legal remedy.
I think he's starting to become the Sam Bank Friedman of domains...
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