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  1. AbdulBasit.com

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    Simplifire.com – Acquired last year and total cost was in $xx. Had put up BIN like I’ve set up on over 95% of my domains. Sold via Afternic BIN for $4,888 so nothing much to share in detail. But what I can is the ROI was fantastic. I love to buy such type of brandable domains.

    Claira.com – Received inquiry via Uniregistry lander and I quoted $2,988. Got an offer of $1500. I responded with $2,800 as the minimum to be accepted. Buyer immediately accepted. I set up escrow at Sedo to use their service and see how it goes. Everything went smooth but the only issue with Sedo escrow is they don’t let you set up escrow by yourself. I need to submit the required detail and Sedo initiates transaction during business timings. That’s where they lack and need to give the right to any one to start transaction and they can look after once it’s started. Acquired this domain in 2014.

    RedAccess.com – Another BIN sale via Afternic for $2888. Acquired this domain in 2014. With BIN sales, there isn’t much to share but in my opinion, any sale is something to learn from.

    ChapterSix.com – Coincidentally this domain was also acquired in 2014. It looks like I’m making some sales for the domains I acquired in 2014
    This domain originally had an asking price of $1,988. Got counter of $1,000. I countered with $1800 for a quick deal and was accepted.

    Used Uniregistry checkout system and it worked great! They’ve improved their checkout system as in past sellers were forced to pay the PayPal/Credit Card fee of 3.88% and no option to select buyer to pay that fee. Now it shows both option for seller to opt who’ll pay the fee. Although the Service Fee of Uniregistry is paid by seller which is touch higher but with smooth and small deals I would prefer to use them instead of Escrow.com who asks you lot of stuff to verify your account. During that time, there are chances of buyers getting disappear.

    BioFidelity.com – Received inquiry via Uniregistry lander and quoted $6,888. The buyer offered $2,000. After going back and forth with buyer several times, we settled for $2,200. I rarely go that low but since I needed to invest in other and better domains, I went ahead and took it. Deal was completed via Uniregistry checkout.

    JhMiller.com – Acquired this domain last year with total cost in low 3 figs. Received inquiry via Uniregistry lander on behalf of their client along with an offer of $113 by mentioning https://www.freevaluator.com/ and did a quick check for jhmiller.com and it returned $113.62.” While researching about their client, I found they own JhMiller.CO. Anyhow, I quoted the same listing price of $1,988.

    It was real fun dealing with this buyer as he gave an offer of $113. In his next response, he revised offer on the automated valuation of another crappy site Estibot.com which according to him gave $1,200. But he was giving an additional $150 above that appraisal.

    My excerpts from the next message “We don’t believe in any automated appraisals as none of them is trustworthy. I’m sure you’re aware of the biggest registrar in the world GoDaddy.com which appraises the domain for $1,781 – https://www.godaddy.com/domain-valu...eckAvail=1&tmskey=&domainToCheck=jhmiller.com

    Even if it appraises double than that, it won’t affect our asking price as we don’t set our prices based on automated appraisals.

    You may want to check weekly reported domain sales – http://www.dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm to get an idea about current domain market.

    Since you operate designing company, I’m sure you understands very well about the value of quality domains.”

    And there goes the most common silence we domainers face :-D

    After around a week later, I countered with $1,850 and gave 48 hours to accept. The buyer got back saying his client is willing to pay $1,750 which is final offer. I took it and deal completed via Uniregistry checkout.
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  2. NetworkPearl

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    Domain name: TotalBody. com
    Sale venue: inbound
    Sale price: $4000
    Purchase price: $3855
    Purchase venue: NJ Auction
    Hold:- less than a year.

    Sold this domain to a buyer who contacted me through email. I had an higher offer in past for the domain from afternic broker but didn't want to let it go until now. I needed some money for newer investments and thankfully didn't end up losing money.

    Also I believe I didn't report my biggest domain sell yet and also most profitable one:

    Domain name: Gali. com (CVCV)
    Sale venue: inbound
    Sale price: $20k (had even higher offers few hours later)
    Purchase venue: Private
    Hold:- 10 days

    Should have kept this domain but had a fantastic flip and didn't know it would cater so much attention.
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  3. Kamaldeen

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    How. Much did you buy G A L I?
  4. Primary Names

    Primary Names ****** xXx ****** VIP

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    Man, that is one beautiful name. Even GD appraises this one at $10K.
    But I understand, Liquidity can be a bit*h
  5. wwwweb

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    I like your mention of TotalBody.com, this is a good example of getting caught up in bidding wars, and what happens in the end. I am sure you had some closing costs associated with the sale.
  6. NetworkPearl

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    Yep the auction price doubled to what I had expected but I really liked the domain so ended up going higher and higher.
  7. Jv1999

    Jv1999 New Adventures: Squire of the Exo-Tower VIP

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    lol you're so humble with that *cough* 20k price. and no one noticed it yet lol. DUDE THAT'S HUGE :D. for a 4L!
  8. koti arun kumar

    koti arun kumar Established Member

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    charla in info
    Sold: $160 (100 received 60 commission)
    Purchased : $4
    Sale type: Sedo bin
    Hold time : 1 year (sold at grace period actually i don't want to renew it)
    in last year january sold same domain with org extension for 450 usd at sedo bin. after a week .info expired and caught by me . bought by same buyer. charla means chat in spanish .my first info sale .thank you .

    socialyze in de
    Sold: €150
    Purchased : hand rig /rig fee
    Sale type: inbound/ undeveloped
    Hold time : 60+ days
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  9. domeen

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  10. Rory Ivey

    Rory Ivey Active Member VIP

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    Do buyers have to pay immediately for buy nows on undeveloped?
  11. Haroon Basha

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    Date Sold: FEBRUARY 6, 2019
    Sold Price: $ 65.00
    Sold through Ebay

    Date of Purchase: JULY 28, 2018
    Purchase Amount : $ 1
    Hand Registered at Network Solution
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  12. AGAME

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    ONUS.co has been sold.

    Marketplace: GoDaddy Auctions

    Sale Type:
    Inbound -- no marketing done.
    Sale Amount: $1533 (Make Offer. Had $1500 min offer set and I accepted the buyer's offer)
    Sale Date: 30-JANUARY-2019
    Paid Date: ??-FEBRUARY-2019

    Reg Date: 26-SEPTEMBER-2012
    Hold Time: 6.25 years
    Reg Cost: $13.98
    Reg Type: Hand Registration
    Reg Registrar: GoDaddy
    Sale Registrar: NameSilo

    $ 1533 Sale price
    $ -307 GoDaddy Fee (20%)
    $ -144 Holding Costs over 6.25 years
    $ 23 Lifetime Parking Earnings
    $ 1106 Net profit
    I am not sure. I had my names as buy now for a year and only a couple of bites which ended up being non-payers. Then at the first of the year I switched all my names to make offer with minimums and have two sales there (and one elsewhere). But for Undeveloped I cant say either way that they are required to pay immediately upon clicking the button.
  13. Kamaldeen

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  14. JudgeMind

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    Com extension

    Squadhelp marketplace sale
    4 weeks after listing
    6 month installment plan but I will be paid monthly. Already received first installment.

    I currently have 83 listings at squadhelp

    Purchased for $69 at namejet in late 2018

    Check out my review of squadhelp in my signature

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  15. Coinking

    Coinking Weedimo.com

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  16. Jonathan Beadle

    Jonathan Beadle Established Member

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    What was your net...?

  17. JudgeMind

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    $1724.25 thanks
  18. WillW

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  19. imadoer

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  20. WillW

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  21. Satyajit Adhikary

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  22. frank-germany

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    my second sale at undeveloped this year
    to it looks like the 9% is well invested
    as the buyer doesn't deal with an untrusted party ( me )


    I had the domain for more than a decade
    and let it drop when inquiries started to appear in the mail
    -domainers who want the domain more or less for free-

    so I restored the name

    2 days later I got this offer
    after accepting it
    another offer came through uniregistry

    buyer is a domainer

    good luck to you

    ( domain relates to women being in bed after child birth)
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  23. MediaCode

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    1. Sold FinancialTranslations.com for BIN $488 USD at Afternic/Godaddy today.
    Paid $232 USD for it at GoDaddy Auctions on April 27, 2014. No nibbles for five years, so we turned off autorenew and slashed the price last month to move it. It moved.

    2. Sold AttorneysNearMe.com for $2,350 USD at Afternic/Godaddy today.
    Paid $69 USD for it at NameJet on December 2, 2016. We were the only bidder at the NJ auction. Two years later in early January 2019, an Afternic broker approached with a $2,000 USD offer on a BIN $2,488 USD name. We told broker $2,350 USD was the best we could do. Four weeks later, the buyer appeared to find $350 more dollars somewhere and bought it.
  24. Amzymayor

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    Sold another one this week. I picked the name from the drop and contacted a few people. Someone replied with the usual "how much?" I quoted $499, but no reply.

    So I went to include the $499 on my undeveloped page. After 3 days, I sent a mail informing him of the bin that I included.

    Yesterday, I received that message that it sold. And the funniest part is that I'm no so sure it was the guy who inquired about the price that bought the name.

    Undeveloped, as always, credit me in less than 24 hours.

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  25. drsheraz

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