Recover from accidently expiration depression?

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    Dear Name Pros,

    Although it sounds ridiculous, in 2005 I went through some downtimes where I detached from the world to recharge my batteries and accidently let my best domain expire which had an active website that I had spent about one thousand to create.

    I have since then tried to contact the new owner for a possible buy back but haven't received an email reply.

    Since that time, I've never had but a passing interest in domains again. That one loss sucked all my enthusiasm and excitement for domains away and I compare it to the loss of a family member.

    Has this happened to you and how do you recover from such a loss?
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    Well, 15 years is a long-time to be brooding on a lost domain. Could you not just purchase a new domain for your old project to continue on. I do know how you feel and these things can happen. I've lost a hell of a lot of domains over the tears for all sorts of reasons and yes I do think about what could have been..

    However, I'm going to add that this reads more like, You came to realize how valuable the domain is in todays market rather than just the name itself. I doubt the current owner is going to entertain any email that references your previous ownership. Far better to just talk Market value Dollars with a solid offer.

    I myself have received a few "Please give me back my domain" requests over the years. The requests are usually totally outlandish due to either time past or even outright lies about how their life depends on it (only ever parked - when history checked)

    I think you have to examine your own reasons why you feel the way you do - And most importantly be totally honest with yourself, then you'll find it easier to move on with the acceptance that what has gone - has gone.

    Just to add - when you loose something far more precious, It'll put domains into real perspective - my wife died at the young age of 44 in 2007 and domains stopped being my be-all from that moment

    I personally look upon lost domains the same as underpriced sales (It helps to fade them from memory)- And I can tell you I would love to have back a few hundred of my domains from 2005
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    Thank you sincerely Revisiting for that understanding.
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    I am sorry to hear that
    For domain name repurchase, you can contact some platforms to help
    They certainly have a lot of experience and resources in this area

    best wishes

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