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debate Recent BTC Sell off - A shocking revelation by 4chan user

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A 4chan user has revealed that few people had price sensitive info about Beijing's new crackdown on crypto currency. He revealed that there would be a coordinated sell off to drop the prices just to liquidate 1 stakeholder.

Who could that be?
Given the recent crackdown of tech giants by the Chinese Regulators, most probably this could be targeted towards the people related to Alibaba/ Tencent....

While I could not vouch for the veracity of this news - going by the Technical charts - looks like this was targeted to liquidate the position of some Corporate Elites and shake off weak hands.

Since the posting from the 4chan user (May 18th and 19th - price movement from 43K to 30K) = BTC prices fell below its 200 day EMA of apprx. 42K made a low of 30K and today its up around 41K. BTC crossing the 44K to 45K mark in the next few days will make this news true.

Note: If the attached picture is not clear to read - I am quoting his message below

Hey guys, insider here. For those of you that are not busy mumu/bobo larping, and paying attention, there will be another announcement from China soon. Picture is semi related. Can't tell you guys what firm I work for, but it's MASSIVE and it's working with the PRC. The purpose of today's press release alongside all the FUD posting is to get BTC as low as it can get before 7am UCT.

First, there will be a coordinated sell-off to drop the prices below a certain threshold and liquidate one certain stakeholder (can't outright say who he is but he bought a lot at the dip that he was partly responsible for).

Once liquidated, the plan is then to buy up all the reserves and essentially leave him bankrupted.

If you guys want to get rich, grab some coffee and watch for the big dip. Once it happens, things are going to get green really fast (we project 70k).

That's all

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It's been circled around a lot, the reality is that the entire market sold off yesterday. Lumber has been on a downward spiral for a few days now. There are several things at play that may have triggered it, mostly a looming liquidity crisis due to inflation, the commodities super cycle, and the stronger dollar.

There were also rumors that Blockfi accidentally let some users withdraw large amounts of BTC that were supposed to be stablecoins from rewards.

I can't see the future, but one fact cannot be changed. The inflation rate of the dollar for the past year has been 35% or higher, and they cannot taper off the monetary inflation by printing more or raising interest rates. So the only choice the fed/treasury has is to continue printing to keep the bubbles from popping or deflating. Real estate is likely the biggest bubble in tangible assets, but the derivatives bubbles are worldwide and involve trillions upon trillions in possible losses.

Archegos capital might have had more to do with the sell-off than this speculation of unsubstantiated information. That may have been the first domino to fall in the derivatives ponzi.

As I always say, you can't beat hard money. Bitcoin's fiat price is totally broken and manipulated, yes. But the target might not have been one individual, but every one of us who sees the fiat price collapse and is tempted to regain some control by liquidating. I consider that to be the opposite of a good trade, instead, accumulating to drop your overall cost in dollars is wiser.

Not financial advise, just what I'm doing.


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Just a reality adjusting to bitcoinshorting.com (buy back for more at the lower price/no hodl excuse 65k>100,000,000 SATs pegged to fiat int.) not a save money China poor rationale..





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