Quad Premiums

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It’s important to invest in quality if one wishes to be minimally exposed to future risk.

A quad premium isn’t better than a triple premium because it has more premium letters, rather, it’s better because it usually has a better chance of finding an enduser (that’s the whole premise behind premium letters).

Why a triple premium with better enduser possibilities (eg. something with 3 strong letters and a U/W) might go for half of that is anyone’s guess

It’s always important to consider who will buy a domain before investing in it. The only true thing that should separate a quad premium from an available for less is the fact that the quad premium has a better chance of finding an enduser now or in the future — if that’s not the case, you really shouldn’t be paying a 1000% premium over what other LLLL.coms can be had for.

With Quad Premiums, I try to stay away from the letters F,G, and H, which routinely report the lowest sales results. Whenever possible, sticking to LLLL.coms containing 1 (or ideally 2-3) A,E,S, which almost always make for very strong LLLL.coms and letters C, I, L, O add powerful brandability (as do A,E,S once again, of course), especially as ending letters.

Assuming you’re buying wholesale I think you’re quite safe and insulated from future risk by staying away from quads containing F,G,H. Of course some quads with those letters are good, but as a general rule they do tend to report lower sales results.
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