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news Prices for .news domains in WebSeed package deal uncovered

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Bob Hawkes

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I have been able to uncover the prices paid for 5 of the 6 .news domain names in the package deal between Donuts and WebSeed. Each of those names sold for $19,167 (or $19.166). If the one name I could not obtain a price for also sold for this price, which seems likely, the total price for the package would be $115,001, consistent with the "six figure" package price officially announced.

I also look at comparator sales of .news domain names in NameBio - there were 12 sales with an average price of $3700, but much of that was due to a single letter sale of at Rightside for $35,000. Looking at the other 11 of the 12 sales, were for about 1/10 or less the value of these sales. In fairness most of these names were not of similar quality to these names.

You can read about the controversial websites being hosted on these domain names, along with how I uncovered the prices, in this blog post. If the domain name sales were in NameBio, they are not currently, the sales would place in 25th place in the 2018 YTD (although strictly speaking the sales were in fall 2017, although only announced about a month ago). I also look at popularity of the sites at the current time, both in web traffic and Google placement.

To my knowledge this is the first revealing of the prices, but if you know of previous posts that gave the prices, please give the links so proper credit can go to the authors for their investigative work.
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I have done a little more sleuthing and it seems to me that which is announced as part of the package of six domain names that according to the Donuts press release were acquired by WebSeed "in late 2017" was actually registered and in use for some time according to the WayBack Machine records. If only 5 names really changed hands then the total price is near the $100,000 but not quite the six figures in the press release. I have updated my post to show the uncertainty on the sixth domain name and total price of package.
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