Parking and selling

Why arent my domains listed for sale at Godaddy parking account? I have them listed for sale. They are listed at Afternic also. I need my domains listed at Godaddy also. How do I do that without loosing the pay per click function?
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Hi @holkapolka,
If you've listed domains for sale via Afternic, these will not show in your GoDaddy Parking account as for sale since these are two separate systems focusing on separate things (sales and parking). Your domain names listed for sale at Afternic will be distributed to GoDaddy search results as well as the rest of our partners.

If you want to list your domains for sale and use PPC, Afternic has a Cashparking lander.

Activating the lander requires changing your nameservers to Afternic's (example, and and heading to your Afternic portfolio page. There, you'll see a Sale Lander column with a Cashparking option.
Hi OK. What if I use Godaddy auction and list my domains there will I need to change nameservers? Can that work together with PPC?