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  1. rash85

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    I need some work on my outbound game.

    Can anyone point me in right direction or know of any sites besides these threads

    Thanks :)
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  2. Joshh71390

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    As far as outbounds go. There are so many different ways to go about it. First thing i like to do on a name is one - Check if there are any other registered versions of the email at a less than extensions.

    If you have and someone has - org or even better .panda - Thats always a potential sell right there.

    Next I might go to social media agrigation sites and check that way. If someone has a massive following / or promotes somthing in that area / why not.

    Outbounds are really all about being creative over anything. Cause noone obviously wants to send you money because you reached out by email. But if you make them seem like its no sweat off your back if they take or not / then now they flip and all of a sudden they need the name -)
    Not always that black and white im just in a hurry.

    Lastly you can always just search google for your domain name as a term - Those people all potentially have a reason to buy your name, you just need to let them know.
  3. rash85

    rash85 Established Member

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    Thank you. great advise!

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