Not receiving Afternic payouts on time

I would like to share my experience with Afternic. Since 2014, I've listed domains and had several sales at that platform and my experience regarding payouts is horrible with them.

Most of my payments were sent in time but their partner bank or Tipalti holds payment without a reason and either return them or send them after 30-40 days, which not only makes me difficult to pay my utilities and other expenses on time, most importantly hit me with exchange rate, which is constantly changing.

I've had several calls with them, email exchanges but they only reply with copy pasted answers, their representatives here and on twitter also do the same instead of trying to solve the issue.

First problem happened when one of my domains got sold and a payout message received on 17th December 2017, after 20 days received a message that my payout was returned. I again ask them to send, and it got returned after a few weeks. I updated payout profile several times, even default payout profile. At last, received in March 2019 after a call to their senior manager which revealed that my default profile wasn't picked by their partner and they kept sending to my old default profile which was changed before 17th December 2017 payout. I got $130 is payments fees deducted by trying again and again, which should have refunded to me since it was their mistake.

Even in last two years, each payment got delayed even one payment received after 40 days of being sent. I investigated the matter with bank and turns out to be GoDaddy partner Tipalti or their corresponding bank is the culprit here, since every payment from DAN, Sedo and Escrow received within 3-5 business days, not a single delay from them. The current payout sent on 22nd September still on hold with GoDaddy's partner bank, I contact my bank branch and I saw communication of their SWIFT operations department with no payment in their system.

I'm really frustrated with them and considering moving out from their platform. What is the point of having fast transfer of sales with payments receiving after many weeks?

I hope they investigate with them and release my payment. This maybe my last sale at that platform. @Joe Styler

They may not bother with me moving out domains but at least I will get payments on time.
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