advice No one wants to buy resell domains!

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I'm not talking about 2-3k+ domains. I'm simply talking about $20-$40 domains.

No one will buy my domains. They are all product related. Examples include AsianTuna.com, NoveltyGifts.net, TorqueDrivers.com and HockeyGoods.com and many more if you look in the fixed domain sales section.

Look, I'm just trying to make a quick buck so I can buy more domains. This is most unfair. It's been days listed now.
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just some advice:

i been doing this since 2010, seriously since 2017

made mistakes and had some great wins along the way, its all part of the learning curve and experience will only be gained over time... there are no shortcuts

my STR (sell through rate) ranges for 1.5 - 4.25%, depending on the market and i only count sales over $1,000 - this should give you an idea or the percentage of your portfolio you may sell each year, so you should adjust you expectations and pricing to reflect. A STR above 2 % is great (assuming sales are over $1k)

my average hold time for each sale is 3.93 years, meaning if you are planning to buy names, make sure you are comfortable to hold the name for at least 5+ years. If you don't think you would hold that particular name for that length of time, than the name isn't worth to buy/reg.

are there quality names expiring? hardly anything decent, between the drop catching services and expired auctions, not much gets missed. With the software and the amount of eyes watching for good names, what drops now is the bottom of the barrel left overs... there are the odd gem, but very rare.

good luck, hope that helps
Easier said than done. If I could afford better names I would definitely get them. Not everyone has deep pockets!
dude, if you can't afford, why you ever got into this business? it's nothing like "i'll buy a half quality and sell for a half price". half quality here means no sell. you can always find a few domains in daily drops for example that you can get with discounted backorder for $10 and then resell here at NP for 20 bucks. see - you have already doubled your investment. then you invest this profit into something you can sell for $100, then - for $1k. that's how many started here, included myself. but investing into domains no one would buy - is just throwing your money straight into dumpster