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.ng is the most dangerous cctld of all cctlds,also the most expensive cctld

Labeled as ccTLD in ccTLD Discussion started by nira.blog.com, Jan 19, 2014.


  1. nira.blog.com

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    compare with another Africa domain,South Africa has hundreds of publicly known .co.za sales:

    Domain name Date Price Broker
    finance.co.za July 2012 70,000.00 USD DurniCompanies
    fly.co.za February 2010 65,000.00 USD Rick Latona
    property.co.za September 2010 56,000.00 USD Private sale
    porn.co.za November 2009 45,000.00 USD Rick Latona
    autoinsurance.co.za September 2010 36,500.00 USD Private sale
    furniture.co.za March 2010 33,000.00 USD Sedo
    blackjack.co.za July 2009 24,500.00 USD Rick Latona
    casinos.co.za July 2009 24,500.00 USD Rick Latona
    horseracing.co.za December 2010 20,000.00 USD Sedo
    toys.co.za January 2010 20,000.00 USD Sedo

    Source: http://dnpric.es/stats/stats-by-tld/?tld=za
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    As a lover of domain hacks it makes me cringe reading that such a potentially powerful domain extension is worse than worthless, but such is the case with .ng.

    Anyway, I would have thought that business people generally were aware of the high level of corruption that is endemic in Nigeria. Reminds me of an episode of the Nigerian version of 'Dragons Den' where one of the entrepreneurs actually included as a business cost the bribes that would be needed to be paid for his business to succeed!
  3. nira.blog.com

    nira.blog.com Established Member

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    you are a lover of domain hacks,i think you must always visit Hacker News,it is also reported there:

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