Newbie Questions: Whois Protection,Pricing, GoDaddy and Adult Domain

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Hello Everyone newbie here, I did some research and found buying and selling of domains very interesting, after doing some research I have a couple questions to ask. (Sorry if the questions I ask have already been answered.)
  1. I might be looking in the wrong place, but I really don't see to many adult websites for sale, is there a reason for this?

  2. What is the best place to purchase domains? (I usually use godaddy)

  3. When buying a domain from godaddy or any website like it, should I always purchase the Whois protection?

  4. Are there laws I should watch out for when purchasing domains?

  5. How do I correctly price a domain for sale?

  6. Are there any restrictions when buying a domain from a site like godaddy? Maybe something like not being able sell it before a specific amount of time.

  7. What are things to always watch out for when buying or selling?

  8. I pretty sure it is, but would google analytics on the site be a good idea? If so, what kind of data should I watch?

Thank you all in advanced!
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For adult check.out
Flippa no adult
Godaddy yes but no website sales

Best places to reg domains are the cheapest with good support. I use but have learned to wait for coupons from, and

Where when the sale is on you can bulk register multiple domains for 99cents to $1.99.

Laws? Hmm trademarks? Paying Taxes on sold domains ? Profit? Illegal things like drugs or adult banned topics.

Whois is only for people who hate spam. And plan to hire a broker to sell it.

60 day lock on newly reg domains .can't transfer to another registrar . So if you sell within 60 days? You can't transfer to buyer.

Loophole ? Tell you buyer to create godaddy account and you can push your domain from your godaddy to their godaddy

Watch out? Scammers from Asia offering to buy your domain for big money then turn around and say they want you to pay for some service to appraise you domain or offer to sell you domains which they don't own. Always check the whois data. If private have them make it unprivate and contact you via the email address on file in the whois.

Price a domain? Check the comps on take keywords of your domain and check each on Namebio. This will show you historical prices.

Very little this info is my young Padawan. Learn more from the Jedi's of Namepros you must!

And do not be afraid.

Fear is the path to the dark side( No Domains Sold.)
Fear leads to anger(from unsold domains).
Anger leads to hate (of others who are selling domains)
And Hate leads to suffering ( your own domain sales)

Lol Yup !!! THAT JUST Happened folks! Went total Star Wars Yoda on you guy! Sorry!
Best of luck friend. Welcome to domaining.

Don't lose your shirt!
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Thank you very much @Avatar629.

when you said "Godaddy yes but no website sales"

What did you mean by that?
Whats the difference from godaddy and cheapdomain is it the customer service?
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