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Dear domainers,

It’s the calendar New Year soon, and I’m going to give you a very profitable domain buying opportunity. I own “DAO DotComs”, the world’s largest portfolio of lucrative crypto .com domains for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), Web3 self-organizing communities governed by member voting and smart contracts with their own DAO tokens, which includes a bit over 700 premium .coms you can see listed further below.

DAOs often buy names in the form of SomethingCatchy + DAO + .com. Exactly the kind of domains that I own. Some of the most famous existing DAOs on .com include VitaDAO.com, MakerDAO.com, and OdysseyDAO.com. DAOs use various blockchains, mostly Ethereum, Solana and Polygon.

Now, the next craze is Web3 P2E games (play-to-earn), which you can not just play, but thanks to a GameFi DAO, you can also own a part of the game via the DAO token, which means that you can take part in voting about the future development of the game and receive a part of the profits the game makes! Power to the gamers! That’s why I think my top 3 categories of domains are History names for GameFi studios (KatanaDAO.com, CaesarDAO.com, CleopatraDAO.com, SpartacusDAO.com..), Fantasy names for RPGs (HellDAO.com, InsigniaDAO.com, OrcDAO.com, AbyssDAO.com…) and Tech & Science names for sci-fi Web3 games (LaserDAO.com, HeliumDAO.com, ..). However, all other names are also lucrative, e.g. StonksDAO.com can be an investment DAO or RapperDAO.com can be a Music NFT DAO.

The future looks great, and the potential of my domains is tremendous, however, in business, you sometimes have to compromise. Because I have had some expenses in a different non-domaining business, which is more important to me now than my domaining business, I am now considering selling some of the domains from this luxury DAO portfolio for low prices to other domainers, which is an opportunity for you.


Recent DAO .com sales:

Just before I list my DAO domains, let me first prove that DAO .com domains sell for big sums of money. Keep in mind that the sales below are publicly reported sales of DAO .com domains. Many more sales, especially in the $xx,xxx range, may have happened privately. The recent public sales are as follows:
  1. SovereignDAO.com - Sold for low-to-mid $xx,xxx [1]
  2. PokeDAO.com - Sold for $10,000 [2]
  3. VacaDAO.com - Sold for $4,888 [3]
  4. SpacDAO.com - Sold for $4,888 [4]
  5. SocialDAO.com - Sold for $4,702 [5]
  6. GrantsDAO.com - Sold for $3,500 [6]
  7. GeniusDAO.com - Sold for $2,980 [7]
  8. SwitchDAO.com - Sold for $2,800 [8]
  9. VPNDAO.com - Sold for $2,800 [9]
  10. BubbleDAO.com - Sold for $2,788 [10]
I myself am probably not that good at marketing my domains, but I have still sold VacaDAO.com (4,888 USD, top sale) [NB], ColosseumDAO.com [NB], then P i r a t e DAO.com, R a v e n DAO.com, and DukeDAO.com, and many other domains. I also had offers of $1,000+ for StonksDAO.com, InsigniaDAO.com and many other domains. I also had a number of low-ball offers for the whole portfolio, which I rejected.


List Of My 723 DAO Names STILL AVAILABLE Now:

Now, let's take a look at my domains. My portfolio currently contains 723 premium domain names, each is perfect for a new lucrative DAO launched by a huge Web3 company or a DAO with a bad name that needs to get a new catchy name to rebrand and stand out. A small minority of these names are non-DAO names (crypto/NFT), and these are also lucrative.

The top 25 DAO domains in my collection are:
  1. StonksDAO.com (VIP+)
  2. CaesarDAO.com (VIP+)
  3. CleopatraDAO.com (VIP+)
  4. HellDAO.com (VIP+)
  5. KatanaDAO.com (VIP+)
  6. VikingsDAO.com (VIP)
  7. InsigniaDAO.com (VIP)
  8. OrcDAO.com (VIP)
  9. AmigoDAO.com (VIP)
  10. SpartacusDAO.com (VIP)
  11. BladeDAO.com (VIP)
  12. AnarchyDAO.com (VIP+)
  13. EposDAO.com (VIP)
  14. TombDAO.com (VIP)
  15. WitchDAO.com (VIP)
  16. GladiatorDAO.com (VIP)
  17. VegaDAO.com (VIP+)
  18. MooseDAO.com (VIP)
  19. MustangDAO.com (VIP)
  20. NeuronDAO.com (VIP+)
  21. RapperDAO.com (VIP+)
  22. AsanaDAO.com (VIP)
  23. HomerDAO.com (VIP)
  24. EmperorDAO.com (VIP)
  25. HamburgerDAO.com (VIP)
Do you like some of these? Then take a look at all the 723 domains listed below, most of which are equally great!

1/12 History (for GameFi developer studios)

  • Roman History & Mythology: CaesarDAO.com (VIP+), SpartacusDAO.com (VIP+), GladiatorDAO.com (VIP), SenatorDAO.com (VIP), RubiconDAO.com (VIP), GladiusDAO.com, AureliusDAO.com, GladiatorsDAO.com, DruidDAO.com, AttilaDAO.com, AugustusDAO.com, MenhirDAO.com, GaiusDAO.com, HannibalDAO.com, TiberiusDAO.com, TitusDAO.com, BritonDAO.com, BrutusDAO.com, ClaudiusDAO.com, FidesDAO.com, GaulDAO.com, JuliusDAO.com, LiberaDAO.com, OrcusDAO.com, PompeiiDAO.com, PrincipeDAO.com, TiberDAO.com, TrajanDAO.com
  • Egyptian History & Mythology: CleopatraDAO.com (VIP+), ObeliskDAO.com (VIP), PapyrusDAO.com, AegisDAO.com, ApophisDAO.com, ImhotepDAO.com, RamesseDAO.com, AmonDAO.com, HieroglyphDAO.com, LuxorDAO.com, PharaonDAO.com, RosettaDAO.com
  • Greek History & Mythology: EposDAO.com (VIP+), HomerDAO.com (VIP), AcropolisDAO.com (VIP), OlympiaDAO.com (VIP), OdysseusDAO.com (VIP), TroyDAO.com (VIP), AchillesDAO.com (VIP), CassandraDAO.com, LeonidasDAO.com, MinotaurDAO.com, CallistoDAO.com, SirensDAO.com, AdonisDAO.com, ArgonautDAO.com, ArgosDAO.com, ArgusDAO.com, CharonDAO.com, MedeaDAO.com, PanaceaDAO.com, PenelopeDAO.com, AjaxDAO.com, ElectraDAO.com, PersesDAO.com, PerseusDAO.com, AristotleDAO.com, ErisDAO.com, HeraclesDAO.com, MaiaDAO.com, NestorDAO.com, PlatonDAO.com, RheaDAO.com, TheseusDAO.com
  • Weapons & Martial Arts: KatanaDAO.com (VIP+), BudoDAO.com, MagnumDAO.com, NukeDAO.com, SpikeDAO.com, DodgeDAO.com, RazorDAO.com, JudoDAO.com, JutsuDAO.com
  • Indian History & Mythology: AsanaDAO.com (VIP+), ChakraDAO.com (VIP), YogiDAO.com (VIP), GandhiDAO.com (VIP), RamaDAO.com, PadmaDAO.com, AshaDAO.com, AshokaDAO.com, HindiDAO.com, KharabDAO.com, KuberaDAO.com, KuberDAO.com, LakhDAO.com, LingamDAO.com, ManuDAO.com, NagaDAO.com, RishiDAO.com, RtaDAO.com, SanskritDAO.com, ShaktiDAO.com, ShankhDAO.com, SutraDAO.com, SwamiDAO.com, TantraDAO.com, UmayDAO.com, VajraDAO.com, VidyaDAO.com, YoniDAO.com, CroreDAO.com, GaayDAO.com, HinDAO.com, BasuDAO.com
  • Japanese History & Mythology: NinjasDAO.com (VIP), FukuDAO.com, HirukoDAO.com, InariDAO.com, KuramaDAO.com, SusanooDAO.com, UmaiDAO.com, IzanagiDAO.com, IzanamiDAO.com, AmaterasuDAO.com
  • Chinese History & Mythology: ConfuciusDAO.com (VIP), CantonDAO.com, MeridianDAO.com, NuwaDAO.com, YudiDAO.com
  • Inca History & Mythology: IncaDAO.com (VIP), ApuDAO.com, EkekoDAO.com, IntiDAO.com, HuacaDAO.com
  • Other History & Mythology: EmperorDAO.com (VIP+), VikingsDAO.com (VIP+), BerserkerDAO.com (VIP), CorsairDAO.com (VIP), NapoleonDAO.com, RagnarDAO.com, UppsalaDAO.com, BottleDAO.com, DeckDAO.com, DockDAO.com, GothicDAO.com, MorganDAO.com, SailorDAO.com, CyrusDAO.com, LincolnDAO.com, MohawkDAO.com, BonaparteDAO.com, BuccaneerDAO.com, JacksonDAO.com, MarauderDAO.com, NelsonDAO.com, SamsonDAO.com

2/12 Fantasy (for RPG P2E games)

  • Fantasy Names: HellDAO.com (VIP+), InsigniaDAO.com (VIP), LichDAO.com (VIP), OrcDAO.com (VIP), WitchDAO.com (VIP), DemonDAO.com (VIP), DwarfDAO.com (VIP), HobbitDAO.com (VIP), HordeDAO.com (VIP), ScrollDAO.com (VIP), TombDAO.com (VIP), AbyssDAO.com (VIP), ZombiesDAO.com(VIP), BladeDAO.com (VIP), MageDAO.com, AmuletDAO.com, BastionDAO.com, , ConquestDAO.com, CrafterDAO.com, GoonDAO.xyz, GoonsDAO.xyz, IsildurDAO.com, LairDAO.com, LudusDAO.com, SiegeDAO.com, BoomerangDAO.com, AltarDAO.com, ArcaDAO.com, CraftersDAO.com, CraftersDAO.xyz, LuciferDAO.com, MerlinDAO.com, CatapultDAO.com, ExcaliburDAO.com, FireballDAO.com, GobletDAO.com, LanternDAO.com, LumosDAO.com, MorphDAO.com, NautilusDAO.com, PaganDAO.com, ParchmentDAO.com, PentagramDAO.com, PredatorDAO.com, RitualDAO.com, SarumanDAO.com, TalismanDAO.com, GodfatherDAO.com, ParanormalDAO.com, ScroogeDAO.com, DAOgre.com

3/12 Tech & Science (for sci-fi P2E games)

  • Inventors & Explorers: EdisonDAO.com, ColumbusDAO.com, EinsteinDAO.com, NewtonDAO.com, NobelDAO.com, PoloDAO.com, AmpereDAO.com, ArchimedesDAO.com, BabbageDAO.com, FaradayDAO.com, GutenbergDAO.com
  • Science Terms: EurekaDAO.com, HeliumDAO.com, VertexDAO.com, ArgonDAO.com, BigBangDAO.com, CliqueDAO.com, ContextDAO.com, DangerDAO.com, DimensionDAO.com, EpochDAO.com, ExponentDAO.com, FacetDAO.com, FossilDAO.com, GradientDAO.com, KappaDAO.com, MachDAO.com, ManifoldDAO.com, ParityDAO.com, PhaseDAO.com, PoleDAO.com, RangeDAO.com, RelativeDAO.com, RelativityDAO.com, SymmetryDAO.com, SyntaxDAO.com, TopologyDAO.com, UpsilonDAO.com, VelocityDAO.com, YardDAO.com, YottaDAO.com, YpsilonDAO.com, ZenithDAO.com, AcidDAO.com, AsteroidDAO.com, OzoneDAO.com, AmplitudeDAO.com, AnagramDAO.com, AspectDAO.com, AsteriskDAO.com, ComplexityDAO.com, DAOlogist.com, DAOntology.com, DAOogol.com, DAOxide.com, ZettaDAO.com, ExponentialDAO.com
  • Technology Terms: LaserDAO.com, BalloonDAO.com, CryptographyDAO.com, DoseDAO.com, EncryptionDAO.com, FragmentDAO.com, FrameworkDAO.com, GadgetDAO.com, HeapDAO.com, IgnitionDAO.com, InterfaceDAO.com, MavenDAO.com, MilestoneDAO.com, PivotDAO.com, ShockDAO.com, SignatureDAO.com, ValveDAO.com, WiredDAO.com, XorDAO.com, KernelDAO.com, DAOckchain.com
  • Brain & Intelligence: NeuronDAO.com (VIP+), SynapseDAO.com (VIP), InstinctDAO.com (VIP), DopamineDAO.com, PrimusDAO.com, ProdigyDAO.com, RebusDAO.com, RiddleDAO.com, StimulusDAO.com, FlairDAO.com, SentienceDAO.com, SentientDAO.com

4/12 Business, Finance, Legal

  • Finance: StonksDAO.com (VIP+), RockefellerDAO.com (VIP), MoonsDAO.com, MagnateDAO.com, BucksDAO.com, MarginDAO.com, BigBucksDAO.com, BuckDAO.com, DoughDAO.com, NibbleDAO.com, StonxDAO.com
  • Investing in DAOs: DAOVCs.com (VIP), InvestInDAOs.com (VIP), DAOBackers.com, DAOnaire.com, DAOnvest.com, DAOnvesting.com, DAOnvestor.com, DaoVCFirm.com, DaoVCFirms.com, DaoVCFund.com, DaoVCFunding.com, DaoVCFunds.com, DAOVentureFunding.com, FinancialDAOs.com, FundADAO.com, InvestingDAOs.com, InvestingInDAOs.com
  • Legal & Tax: CaymanDAOs.com, DaoASAP.com, LLCDAOs.com, MarshallDAOs.com, PanamaDAOs.com, SetUpADAO.com, AreDAOsLegal.com, DAOffshores.com, DAOLegalAdvice.com, DAOLegalCounsel.com, DAOLegalFirm.com, DAOLegalServices.com, DAOLegalSetup.com, DAOOffshores.com, DAOTaxAccountant.com, DAOttorneys.com, HowToBuildADAO.com, HowToLaunchADAO.com, IsDAOLegal.com
  • Coding & Jobs: CodeADAO.com, CodingADAO.com, CodingDAOs.com, DAOOpenJobs.com, DAOProgrammers.com, HowToCodeADAO.com, WorkForDAOs.com

5/12 Social (great for all DAO communities)

Social names: AnarchyDAO.com (VIP+), LibreDAO.com (VIP), LoungeDAO.com (VIP), KudosDAO.com, OwnerlessDAO.com, SheriffDAO.com, ManifestoDAO.com, StatusDAO.com, AccordDAO.com, ArgumentDAO.com, CivilizationDAO.com, CommuneDAO.com, ComradeDAO.com, CreedDAO.com, HelperDAO.com, PerkDAO.com, RevoltDAO.com, LadiesDAO.com, ProvidenceDAO.com, RespectDAO.com, SessionDAO.com, SloganDAO.com, WickedDAO.com, MumDAO.com

6/12 Nature

  • Animals: MooseDAO.com (VIP), TentacleDAO.com (VIP), WormDAO.com (VIP), DoggoDAO.com, MustangDAO.com, PiranhaDAO.com, RaptorDAO.com, AlligatorDAO.com, AnacondaDAO.com, BoxerDAO.com, BulldogDAO.com, ClamDAO.com, ClawDAO.com, CrocDAO.com, DAOctopus.com, DAOkapi.com, DingoDAO.com, FinchDAO.com, GrasshopperDAO.com, HornDAO.com, HoundDAO.com, IbisDAO.com, IguanaDAO.com, LabradorDAO.com, PointerDAO.com, PoodleDAO.com, RetrieverDAO.com, SalamanderDAO.com, SeahorseDAO.com, SerpentDAO.com, ShepherdDAO.com, StallionDAO.com, StingDAO.com, BlackbirdDAO.com, CondaDAO.com, HuskyDAO.com
  • Plants: NectarDAO.com (VIP), CedarDAO.com (VIP), EucalyptusDAO.com, GinkgoDAO.com, PulpDAO.com, TeakDAO.com, LaurelDAO.com, MeadowDAO.com, WillowDAO.com, AgaveDAO.com, AlgaeDAO.com, AloeDAO.com, CocaDAO.com, CrocusDAO.com, ElmDAO.com, GroveDAO.com, HazelDAO.com, JasmineDAO.com, LavenderDAO.com, LilacDAO.com, OrchidDAO.com, PeonyDAO.com, PoppyDAO.com, SaffronDAO.com, SavannaDAO.com, SunflowerDAO.com, ThornDAO.com, CypressDAO.com, DAOhay.com, DAOrchid.com, GrowersDAO.com
  • Forces of Nature: BreezeDAO.com (VIP), DewDAO.com (VIP), FrostDAO.com, IglooDAO.com, BlazeDAO.com, CycloneDAO.com, HurricaneDAO.com, TyphoonDAO.com
  • Mountaings & Geology: MagmaDAO.com (VIP), QuakeDAO.com (VIP), FlintDAO.com, MadagascarDAO.com, SparkleDAO.com, FjordDAO.com, GemstoneDAO.com, PondDAO.com, QuartzDAO.com, VolcanoDAO.com, AtollDAO.com, BerylDAO.com, CliffDAO.com, CoveDAO.com, CreekDAO.com, HimalayaDAO.com, LagoonDAO.com, NiagaraDAO.com, NotchDAO.com, NuggetDAO.com, PanoramaDAO.com, StratusDAO.com, JadeiteDAO.com
  • Stars & Constellations: VegaDAO.com (VIP+), ShuttleDAO.com, AltairDAO.com, CygnusDAO.com, ProximaDAO.com, ScorpiusDAO.com,

7/12 Food

  • Brandable food names: HamburgerDAO.com, BagelDAO.com, MuffinDAO.com, AlmondDAO.com, SpaghettiDAO.com, GinsengDAO.com, LatteDAO.com, KegDAO.com, NougatDAO.com, PuddingDAO.com, GrapefruitDAO.com, ApricotDAO.com, CheesecakeDAO.com, ChiliDAO.com, CinnamonDAO.com, CocosDAO.com, EspressoDAO.com, GojiDAO.com, GuavaDAO.com, HazelnutDAO.com, JellyDAO.com, KariDAO.com, KimchiDAO.com, LollipopDAO.com, MasalaDAO.com, MousseDAO.com, NachoDAO.com, NachosDAO.com, NashiDAO.com, PaprikaDAO.com, PecanDAO.com, RaspberryDAO.com, TartDAO.com, UmamiDAO.com, WalnutDAO.com, WasabiDAO.com, YumDAO.com, YummyDAO.com, AcaiDAO.com, BiryaniDAO.com, DAOvocado.com

8/12 Arts & Music (NFT DAOs)

  • Art names: RapperDAO.com (VIP+), VinciDAO.com (VIP), SoundsDAO.com (VIP), TunesDAO.com (VIP), AmadeusDAO.com, ChorusDAO.com, DAOSounds.com, ReggaeDAO.com, BluesDAO.com, IllusionDAO.com, OctaveDAO.com, PaletteDAO.com, RappersDAO.com, BardDAO.com, ChordDAO.com, ElvisDAO.com, LeonarDAO.com, RapperDAOs.com, RockerDAO.com, ChoirDAO.com, LeonardoDAO.com, RiffDAO.com, RnBDAO.com, SkaDAO.com, AlbaDAO.com, FontDAO.com, FrescoDAO.com, GlyphDAO.com, ImpressionDAO.com, LatinDAO.com, OrnamentDAO.com, UnisonDAO.com, DAOpera.com, DAOrient.com

9/12 Entertainment & Sports*

* There used to be a DAO for buying the US Constitution which raised $42 million [link]. Now, there are new DAOs with the goal of buying sports clubs, like Buy The Broncos DAO [link] of The Football DAO [link]. Some of the names below are perfect for new founders of sports club DAOs:
  • Sports: HatTrickDAO.com (VIP), HomeRunDAO.com (VIP), TouchdownDAO.com (VIP), DunkDAO.com (VIP), PuckDAO.com (VIP), SlamDunkDAO.com, AsphaltDAO.com, GrandPrixDAO.com, StickDAO.com
  • Other Entertainment: HeadshotDAO.com, HoldemDAO.com, PenthouseDAO.comVitalityDAO.com, VolleyDAO.com, ZealDAO.com, ZestDAO.com, DaoLOL.com
  • Fashion: HipsterDAO.com, KashmirDAO.com, VelvetDAO.com, SatinDAO.com

10/12 Interesting Non-English words

The name VacaDAO.com sold for $4,888 [NB], it’s my top DAO .com sale, and “Vaca” means “cow” in Spanish. Maybe the buyer spoke Spanish and liked the word!
  • Spanish words: AmigoDAO.com (VIP+), ToroDAO.com (VIP), DineroDAO.com (VIP), LeonDAO.com (VIP), SiestaDAO.com (VIP), TortugaDAO.com (VIP), BocaDAO.com, FiestaDAO.com, MiraDAO.com, TigreDAO.com, AmigaDAO.com, DesperaDAO.com, MananaDAO.com, BuenoDAO.com, CaballoDAO.com, CajaDAO.com, ChicaDAO.com, ComoDAO.com, CosaDAO.com, DAOGrande.com, GrandeDAO.com, GuayDAO.com, GustoDAO.com, InversionDAO.com, LoboDAO.com, LocaDAO.com, OsoDAO.com, PalmaDAO.com, PasoDAO.com, PedroDAO.com, PuebloDAO.com, PuertaDAO.com, PulpoDAO.com, PuntoDAO.com, ReyDAO.com, RosaDAO.com, SeguroDAO.com, TiempoDAO.com, TierraDAO.com, VentaDAO.com, BurroDAO.com, ChangoDAO.com, PerroDAO.com
  • Greek words: DoxDAO.com (VIP), AdioDAO.com, EtosDAO.com, KalimeraDAO.com, KalosDAO.com
  • Latin words: LexiconDAO.com, CredoDAO.com, DuplexDAO.com, ArgentumDAO.com, AurisDAO.com, AurumDAO.com, FelisDAO.com, GlobusDAO.com, LocusDAO.com, OmniaDAO.com, OrbisDAO.com, PecuniaDAO.com, PictusDAO.com, CanisDAO.com
  • French words: OuiDAO.com, AvisDAO.com, ArgentDAO.com, LuiDAO.com, MondeDAO.com, NotreDAO.com, PontDAO.com, VacheDAO.com, FricDAO.com, TerreDAO.com
  • German words: AugeDAO.com, AugenDAO.com, GeldDAO.com, GottDAO.com, GutDAO.com, TollDAO.com, WeltDAO.com, BaumDAO.com, EchtDAO.com, FreundDAO.com, HundDAO.com, KatzeDAO.com, LuftDAO.com
  • Portuguese words: LucroDAO.com, LuzDAO.com, PontoDAO.com
  • Arabic words: AmwalDAO.com, MalDAO.com, MasaDAO.com, YatiDAO.com, HalaDAO.com, HunaDAO.com

11/12 Other domains

  • Uncategorized DAO domains: xxx
  • Miscellaneous NFT domains: ETHSounds.com, BTCSounds.com, BTCTunes.com, LetsApeIn.com, NFTopolitan.com, BestNFTIdeas.com, CheapNFTsForSale.com, CuratedNFTDrops.com, FindNFTArtists.com, FreeNFTIdeas.com, FrenNFTs.com, FrensNFTs.com, HarmonicNFTs.com, HowToApe.com, HowToGoNFT.com, InvestIntoNFTs.com, LetsMintNFTs.com, MelodicNFTs.com, MillionDollarJPEG.com, MillionDollarJPEGs.com, MillionDollarJPG.com, MusicNFTArtists.com, NewNFTIdeas.com, NFTerprise.com, NFTIdeas2022.com, NFTIdeas2023.com, NFTIdeas2024.com, NFTInvestingAcademy.com, NFTInvestingSchool.com, NFTInvestorsGuide.com, NFTnvestor.com, NFTsInANutshell.com, PositiveNFTs.com, SkaNFT.com, SkaNFTs.com, TrendingNFTArtists.com, UniqueNFTIdeas.com, VinciNFTs.com, WhatIsAnNFTArt.com, WinFreeNFTs.com
  • Miscellaneous Crypto domains: CryptoPokerr.com, CryptoSlotzz.com, HowToTaxCrypto.com, IsCryptoLegal.com, PBTDAO.com
  • Word blends: DaoFTW.com, DAOgency.com, DAOmbre.com, DAOnom.com, DAOnor.com, DAOodle.com, DAOuble.com, DAOugh.com

12/12 Bonus: Erotica (for p*rn NFT DAOs)

  • B**bsDAO.com
  • O*gyDAO.com
  • Can you guess the * letters by any chance?

Pricing & Buying Options:

I am open to various kinds of reseller deals, all are on a Make Offer basis:
  1. Individual domains: Recommended offer range $100 - $300 depending on the domain, sold via DAN.com. Names marked “VIP” may be worth even $500+ for a reseller price, names marked “VIP+” may be worth even $1000+ for a reseller price. However, I may be flexible with the price. DM me and let’s see.
  2. Domain bundles:
    • Smaller bundles (say, 5-10 names): Minimum $99/domain via DAN sold domain-by-domain, $99 if floor because DAN has a $99/domain minimum.
    • Larger bundles (tens of names): these would go via Escrow.com and I could go a bit below $99/name there)
  3. (Whole portfolio) I’m not sure if I want to sell them all, but let’s say that I get yet another acquisition offer and this time I’ll start considering it: There are 700+ domains, and let’s say I’d be eying a bulk price of around $10-25 per domain for the whole thing, so you can calculate the total price, and we’d use Escrow.com if we happened to strike a deal.
I will see the incoming offers and decide whether it’s best to sell individual names / bundles or the whole collection. I am also offering these domains to hundreds of other domainers and end users, so I am sure they won’t stay here for long, but let’s see.


Contact me

Would you be interested in discussing your potential acquisition of some of these premium DAO domains?

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I will reply to all messages, even if it’s a No Thanks. Looking forward, and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year if you celebrate them in your country. 😊


Domain details: Registrars are Dynadot (693 names) with a $9.99 renewal, and GoDaddy (30 names) with a $19.99 renewal. Please check the domain registrars and expiry dates manually in case of your interest, it's not in my power to list them for all 700+ names. Thank you. Disclaimer: This is a limited offer. The prices mentioned above are asking prices, which means that I’d have to first hear your offer (names, price) in DMs and accept it so that it becomes binding. Moreover, any of the 700+ domains, e.g. StonksDAO.com or CaesarDAO.com can sell to an end user like an investment DAO or GameFi DAO at any minute for a full price, as much as $9,888 per domain. It’s very likely that after such a big sale, I’d stop offering this portfolio to resellers immediately and take down this offer. However, feel free to read more about DAOs, especially GameFi DAOs and Web3 / P2E games, do your due diligence on the domains before you buy, and take your time before making your decision.
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