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Hey Everyone,

In an attempt to make searching for domains easier, we have created a bulk registration search tool which is capable of automatically generating up to 2000 domains (per search) by combining letters, numbers, common words, nouns, verbs and many others – you can also combine the automatically generated parts of the string with your own text. Once your list of names has been generated you can run a check for availability and then directly register any of the names that are available, in bulk.

We would be really interested to hear any feedback that the domaining community might have about the tool and how we might be able to improve it (we already have a few changes in the pipeline). You can check it out at AlpNames .com in the Domains along with some bulk pricing that we have introduced. (you will need an AlpNames account to be able to access the tool)


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Are you ever going to update your customer support? I had an issue with a domain a few months ago. I sent multiple e-mails for support request. Amazingly, I never even got a reply. I was very disappointed. Now my problem it's a non-issue. But I will never use your company again.
Really sorry to hear this, and I appreciate that you were disappointed with the service. If you would be happy to supply me with some information about the e-mails i would be happy to investigate this so it doesn't happen in the future.
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