Need some advice about domain parking

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I have one multiple words .net domain with exact keywords with average 190,000 monthly searches. Domain isn't developed and I'm considering to put it on parking.

I would like to hear your opinion. What should I expect (traffic/earnings) and is it problem if it's .net instead of .com?

Can other domain prefixes (like .org, .co ,.info, .me) besides .com succeed in domain parking if their exact keyword has lots of monthly searches?

Thanks a lot.
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Most domains are not fit for parking, the little traffic they get will often come from the bots mainly.
Unless your domains have type-in traffic, or residual traffic (history of previous development) you shouldn't expect much really.
Kate is correct, Ive had a .net with 100,000 exact searches per month, at the end of the month I got 3-4 visitors only and yearly revenue below 5 bucks, so ive dropped it.
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