NamesCon 2020 - What's the Vibe?

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    What's your "feeling" about NamesCon 2020?

    Seems things are a bit off compared to the last few years. Wondering if it is just me.
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  2. othellotech

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    It doesn't seem as "filled in" yet with details of content/events/etc as previous years
    (my inbox isn't getting hit with invites to meet and or socialise as it had been for months upto the 2019 event)

    The site is outdated (still talks about the pre 30/Sept price phase1), the faq is all about the last January event, the agenda is waiting on session details, and the eco-forum notes for day 2 & 3 are somewhat "meh" currently

    Maybe it's because it'll be so awesome, they're too busy to keep us informed, or maybe it's the new venue, lower numbers or OMG-did-you-see-the-$ cost of being an exhibitor.sponsor !

    There will be people "in town" prior to it kicking off, I have plans for Monday, but we should start a thread in Jan to get something organised for Tuesday and/or Sunday :)

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