NamesCon Global 2020 Venue in Austin Texas

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  1. TCK

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    NamesCon has chosen the Capital Factory in downtown Austin. Here is an overview of the facilities:

    NamesCon Global 2020 Austin Texas Venue

    What are your impressions? It definitely is a different venue from Tropicana in LV.
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  2. dande

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    Nooooo. The venue can't be changed now! I plan to attend with other businesses in mind in Las Vegas. I missed 2017, 18, and 19. Even made reservation with Tropicana in 2018 but missed out due to family issues. Finally, I am ready to attend and the venue changed.

    Las Vegas has been a perfect venue for me. And many attendants has become used to Tropicana. This change in venue will affect, not only me, but many other participants.
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  3. rentmynames

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    Great! I live in Austin
  4. Ivan Rasskazov

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    Great potential and also risky because people simply get used to how things are. The first show has to make a solid splash. Aligning the industry with the broader tech sector makes sense, but tech is also very cyclical historically (there are arguments to be had that as big tech matures, it becomes less so). The show needs to land some VC/finance folks that can help the industry grow, and also promote new companies and new ideas on the stage. Rising tide lifts all boats, and the new location offers this chance. I don't think the future is found inside a smoke filled casino, even if Las Vegas has some great positives.
  5. TCK

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    Austin is closer for me and cheaper to get to than LV, although I am very familiar with Vegas and like the city a lot (and I don't gamble, btw). I've been there for the past 3 NC's in a row. Always came at least a day early to get ready. The vibe has been great to get myself mentally prepared.

    I am sure Austin has a great vibe of its own. However, I will probably wait and sit this one out. It's the first show in Austin so there may be ways to improve it for the following year. Also want to see if NC Euro will impact the quality of the Global conference. I remember in 2017 and 2018, I got an email for early bird registration few days after the end of the conference for $200. Which I jumped on. But this year, because of NC Euro (I imagine), the preparations seem to begin just this month, at least with the early bird offer and the announcements.

    One thing I tried to look up is how many shows/conferences there are in Austin that are dedicated to the online/interactive community. They all seem to be about the arts, food, and entertainment. Maybe I didn't look far enough. @rentmynames You probably know best.
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  6. DefinitelyDomains

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    I would be interested to know how they came to to decision to move from LV to Austin? (not that there is anything wrong with Austin btw!)

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