NameJet - What's Going On Over There?

Since NameJet first started, I can't remember ever having a problem. But now, things are just a bit ridiculous.
  • I won a domain auction. It was a pre-release public auction.
  • I paid Namejet for the domain.
  • Over a month later.... nothing.
  • After multiple emails I just get the same old generic message:
"We are currently working with the seller to have the domain name transferred to our company.

Once the domain name has been transferred we will then be able to transfer the domain name into your name. We will immediately notify you on the next step once the domain name has been transferred to our company."

There was a time where NameJet has great customer service and they'd tell you what's going on.

Since winning the auction, I've seen the domain expire and renew with the same private whois details. Has anyone else noticed their customer service going out the window? When I look around, all the old Namejet and even Web.com people are gone or moved on from the company. Does anyone know anybody senior at the organisation now?

Quite sad that the domain name industry is crumbling like this.


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NameJet’s been subpar, some horror stories, and looks mediocre support.

But they did get high sales now and then…

I was never a fan of NameJet and i hope get phase out dissolve, into better Snapnames. Have seen less problems with Snap, only one (Have to use Net Sol, proem for another day)

Owner is (Web..) & verification’s cumbersome. Curious, if they will reply.that’d be telling there. Any NJ fans here? think @Riz M. had the highest sale, i saw there.. now that’s PRO.. lol!
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Since posting this I've had an email that wasn't a "copy and paste", saying they're working on it. What I'm concerned about is that a) NameJet used to have exclusivity on the domains they held for auction and b) they used to be in a position to transfer them to the new owner. Now that appears to have gone out the window.

I'm now told to wait 90 days (after paying for it). Just ridiculous. Nobody runs a business like that !


I won a pre release domain 4 months ago but they didn't deliver it yet. Sent multiple email to their support but all I got was " we are looking the issue". It's been 4 months. After that I stopped using namejet and started using SnapNames. Namejet surely lost their track.


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