Name and extension harmony in new gTLDs

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    If you search for a new domain name, it is really hard to find an available .com domain name for your dream project. All you have to do is to create a new dream that fits to an available .com domain name. Or, within your budget, to buy an already registered domain name from its owner. At this point, new extensions offer new opportunities for project owners looking for a domain name.

    Extension and name harmony in domain names is not required in gTLDs and ccTLDs. This situation works differently in new gTLD preferences. For example; in the brand.com domain name, the emphasis is on the “brand” word. “Brand” and “com” do not form a meaningful new expression together. However, in the brand.solutions domain name, the emphasis is on “brand solutions” phrase. Here the name and extension come together to gain a new meaning.

    The reason for this is that the new extensions are generally made up of meaningful generic words. In this way, the combination of name and extension ensures that a meaningful phrase is formed. This makes it easier to brand the name and extension together.

    Let’s see what will happen. Will branding with new extensions become even more attractive? Or will businesses with new extensions be dreaming of upgrading to their dream .com domain name? This will be determined by the success of marketing activities that will be carried out significantly by new extensions.
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    Thank you for this interesting topic. The example illustrates very well what the new gTLDs is all about.
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