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discuss MV - Corona pandemic relation


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As far as I see it nowadays, 1 year after vaccination start, the vacc's do not help us completely out of this misery.

For sure they save lifes, and many people do not need hospital treatment, stay instead at home...

However, the problem is:

a) vacc. have a profound usecase/effect of 3-4 months
- at least this goes for pfizer & moderna, the most highly dedicated mRNA vacc's on the market.

b) New vacc's must be developed, and no one knows whether they will be better than the actual ones.

c) the virus changes and develops too; the omikron variant is more infectious than the variants before it.

So, considering all of this, and regarding that people, after the 3rd or 4th vaccination, will get a little sluggish / not that compliant any more,

companies, which are already holding many meetings via zoom/skype or work remotely,

will even be eagier to turn into the metaverse.

And whether it is just to say hello to each other before the start of the business day.

Otherwise, students will also look for alternatives, especially in the wintertime (which we have seen already).

So the 'bet' is: If this corona virus desaster will continue for 2 more years, we will meet each other in the metaverse by default.

Fortune com and Medium com have some great articles about this.