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    I meant to post it some time ago when BB started disclosing the number of sellers info per month.

    Now that I saw a thread by a user showing interest in the stat, I thought it might be useful for many trying to decide if they should commit to considerable upfront cost of listing at BB.

    BB discloses that 59 different sellers sold at least a name during May 2019. This is in the ballpark of what they had disclosed in the previous months.

    Further, in a chart, they show that 41 sellers had 1 sale and 18 had 2 or more.

    Since we don't know how many names are sold in average by multiple name sellers, we would need to make an assumption here. And you can increase/decrease the range per your personal subjective reasoning and base your decision on that.

    I have assumed average of 3 for most probable and 4 as optimistic.

    So then my range becomes 41+ 3x18 = 95 to 41 + 4x18 = 113.

    So, by this assumption, BB sells 95 to 113 names.

    BB was showing exact number of listed names on its home page, but now it just says over 50K. I noticed @Grilled mentioning 55K. Let's go with that number.

    If we assume that May number is an average for the year, then we get 2.07% to 2.47% sell through (95x12/55K to 113x12/55K).

    Now, that would have been a number you could use for your own analysis, but BB is known for favoring their own names plus insider names over unrelated seller names in the search for top keywords, so if you are one of the latter, you should assume considerably lower rate. I personally assume that it reduces the sell through for unrelated party by 50%, but feel free to use your own assumption for this.

    So, then the sell through for unrelated party becomes 1.04% to 1.24%.

    And that is in the ballpark with my own experience with over 200 names listed with them.

    Now, given that their effective average rate for most low xxxx names is 35% after factoring in logo fees, then this would be an equivalent of 0.84% to 1% of listing at Afternic where you'll pay 20%.

    And that is quite a doable rate. You can do even better if you just list at Afternic and get around 0.6%-0.7% sell through and then also use landers where your commission is from 5% to 9%, instead of 20% or 35%.

    And, huge difference is that:

    - Absolute majority of your .coms will be approved for Afternic
    - No upfront costs, no waiting, no 30 day removal notification, no strikes etc. for removing your names.

    You might ask why then I have over 200 names with BB. The answer is simple, I started listing with them when their sell through they were proudly sharing was over 4%. Even with insider advantage, I could expect 2%+ sell through which was not great, but still was fine based on principle of not putting all your eggs in one (or two) basket(s). But under the current situation, I wouldn't do that.

    Why then I am not removing them? Simply because I am buying names at faster rate than I can list them at Afternic (requires often resubmittal after 60 days for fast transfer), BB or SH. I will remove them them once I can prioritize it.

    And I am not basing my decision just on my portfolio. I have discussed this with few friends here on NP and they seem to have similar experience with BB with diminished sales.

    The above is just an analysis and you should base your investment decisions on your own judgement. Good luck!
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    Has anyone made a statistical like test search of several niche names, then verified whois to confirm the same sellers names are in the top first page results?

    Last I checked a few months ago a bunch of them ad hoc, some of the insiders club sellers would have 2-4 on first page.

    I guess it might be a moot point to you now and doesn’t matter since you stated you will remove your names.

    Way back when I removed mine based on the BB thread findings of others, I found their search to be really skewed to place unrelated names by insiders nonspecific to my search intent.

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