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I've had 139.at domain for few weeks now, but it's value it's still a mistery for me. And to be completely exact, any type of potential value of the whole .at numeric "scene" is for me completely unclear.

.at domains all way up to 4 digits (9999) are practictly all registred. But is so, where is the market ? NameBio shows only 3 results of NNN .at domains (two 888 trades and one 777 - and of course those two domains are in terms of "regular" usefull less then a dead horse.) . NN "scene" has seen some sunny days but is now completely dead. NNNN also has only two transactions.

I came to some conslusions and by that questions for you:
- Is it some sort of market manipulation ?
- Is trading "death closed"? (registrated but without an active market) ?

So, I'm more of less asking for advice "only" from those who have somehow been involved in numeric .at domain activities or have at least tracked some sort of information regarding this group of domains.
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