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    I just registered a gTLD Why? Seriously, my life is sensational.

    Question for gTLD investors? This was the first .life name I reg'd so I did a little research on who started the .life extension and discovered it's a company called seen here,
    I also see where they started the .today extension and a few others.

    Since discovering the company behind the extensions, I've invited the co-founder Paul Stahura and the President and CEO Bruce Jaffe to connect with me on Linkedin. I did this about a week ago, but neither of them have responded? I find this rather peculiar because I let them know I wanted to share some ideas about how better to promote their gTLD extensions, of which I own over 400. Maybe one of their employees will see this and reach out because I would think it would be to their advantage to listen to someone who can bring a new a innovative approach to promoting gTLD's.

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