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  1. wavymedia

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    So I've just started out and I aquired 3 domains.
    I'm finding it really difficult to work out what I should do about the landing pages.
    These are the kinds of domains I will want to be promoting to businesses via email. Since my personal email address doesn't look very businessy I registered a domain, hosting and email for my new venture. I want to make sure everything is MVP before I start contacting businesses.

    So I found a fairly good basic landing page HTML template. I can't quite work out what to do now, though.
    I have seen various options (landing page on each domain, each domain links to a seperate url on my home site).

    I guess I just want to clear up a few things:
    - To have a custom landing page on each domain does that mean I have to pay for hosting on each seperate domain? Or is there something I have missed? What is the most economical way of accomplishing this?
    - Is it a good idea to have each domain link to a url on my home site containing associated landing page? Perhaps whilst my portfolio is small this is ok but I could forsee potential problems doing this with a larger portfolio.

    Some other things I was wondering:
    - I have my homepage and email address to look like I am a web services business ([email protected]) but I have no registered business under this name. Is this ok or am I doing it wrong?
    - I am based in Europe but I my domains are suitable for USA based businesses. Could this cause complications when doing outbound promotion (I know it will make communication by telephone complicated/unviable). Could it cause complications making sales (invoicing, ect)?

    I spend good time searching for answers to my questions before posting them, but this time I was pretty stumped. So thanks in advance for any help!
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  2. cooljub

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    Hi, don't worry too much about selling any names straight off.

    Just read, read, and read some more.

    As you'll discover, it's a marathon not a sprint.

    Good luck (y)
  3. Josytal

    Josytal Top Contributor VIP

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    You may want to check this thread:
    has some info on the topic
  4. 7363824

    7363824 Restricted (Market)

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    While I won't discount the advice of @cooljub I know for me personally I learn best by doing, so while I did read, and listen to podcasts, lookup Domain Name Wire and Domain Sherpa if you are interested, I just jumped in, I figured out what I could afford to loose and I jumped in on some expired auctions, Pretty much every one of my first purchases are junk and are priced very low and I will let them drop when they cone up for renewal. But now I know more what to look for and I have my first end user sale in escrow now about 6 months in after buying something like 60 domains or so .Also, I would suggest you do get a business license, even if you start out as a sole proprietor, you can always move up to an LLC as you grow (that's what I am going to do).

    I've tried landers from different marketplaces, I tried using different registrars and I have settled on this. After acquiring a domain I consolidate it to Epik, I list it as make offer on Epik's marketplace for a little while and after several weeks to a month I look at how it has performed and set a BIN price. Then I list it at Afternic with Fast Transfer, I also list at Sedo and DAN with make offer only (to avoid selling the same name twice). I am currently using landers from Epik's marketplace though because I prefer to do things on my own I am working on developing my own site. If you really want to go that route than great, But you don't have to, even if you want your own site there are turnkey solutions both from Epik and from third parties not associated with any registrar like efty.
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  5. Mister Funsky

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    Hello and welcome to nps! Josytal above has a nice product if you want landing pages and you plan to be active handling leads...if you a wanting to park for revenue and see where traffic is coming from, voodoo has a great product that will let you see from what country and how a click/lead comes from.
  6. Indianad

    Indianad Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Welcome to NamePros! Keep reading and exploring as there are many people on this site who love to share.(y)
  7. Doron Vermaat

    Doron Vermaat Co-founder, Efty Efty Staff PRO VIP ICA Member

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    Nice to see someone starting with a small number of domains. Quality over quantity. The only people who advise otherwise are the registrars :)

    With just 3 domains, and you prefer to have commission-free landing pages on them, you could opt for something like which is free for up to 3 sites.

    Something which is quite essential for me personally is to get the IP address of the person who submits the (make offer) form on the landing page or site as many buyers like to hide behind a free email account like Gmail or Hotmail and often their location will give you some much-needed intel on who the potential buyer might be. DAN and Efty both provide you with the IP address of the buyer. There might be other solutions I am unaware off that might do this too.
  8. wavymedia

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    Hey everyone, thanks for the replies.

    My interest in domain reselling was inspired by Justin DeMarco's youtube channel. Its a fairly new channel and the videos are honest (ie. not a fake guru) and informative.

    His approach is to obtain [geo][business type].com domains and then contact businesses directly to attempt to sell the domains. He uses a tight set of rules to ensure the highest quality and viability of the domains (2 words only, only .com, ect.). This seems to be his main focus, at least, and to me it seemed like a very viable method. Previously I had only seen domain reselling as a long-term waiting game (which is still is, of course) and the thought of buying domains and immediately promoting them to businesses hadn't crossed my mind.
    Now I've been reading these forums and I have seen many different approaches that people take.

    I am definately emphasising quality over quantity to begin with, obtaining only .com domains with a clear purpose.

    I think I may have made the mistake of bogging myself down worrying about personalising the landing pages and building a home page. I should really stick with the simplest options for now using the registrar landing pages and epik marketplace.
    I will still send outbound pitches to relevant businesses whilst my domains are listed on the marketplaces.

    I just made a thread in the appraisals forum

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